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Sign Up for a Business Revenue Online Account

Sales, Use, Withholding and Marijuana Taxes: Businesses will receive a “Letter ID” number by postal mail. The Letter ID is printed on the tear-off portion of the tax license and is specific to the tax. A Letter ID for a sales tax account will not work for a withholding tax account. Receipt of the license means the account is established. Then the account may be accessed in Revenue Online but the Letter ID number that
comes with the license must be used to access the account in Revenue Online.

1. Go to Revenue Online website: In the Sign Up section, select: Create a Login ID. 

Picture of Login ID

2. Check your access eligibility

You are an eligible business with the state of Colorado if you have ever:

  • Had a tax account or license issued by the Colorado Department of Revenue. Eighteen categories of account types can choose to set up a ROL account (i.e. Cigarette, Corporate Income, County Lodging Tax Return, Exempt Fuel Refund, Fiduciary Income Tax, IFTA, Individual Income, Liquor, Partnership Income, Prepaid Wireless Surcharge, Public Utilities Commission, Retailers’ Use, Sales Tax, Tobacco Tax, Wage Withholding, and Wine Shipper).
  • Filed a Corporate or Partnership income tax return

What registered business will need:

  • ID number (SSN, ITIN, FEIN, CAN)
  • Valid email address
  • Zip code of your business’ location
  • Most recent tax return, account information or recent Letter ID

Note: A letter containing the “Letter ID” number will be sent by postal mail to the address on record with the Department. You may request a Letter ID number in the Additional Services (No Login Required). It could take up to 10 business days to receive the letter. If you have received a recent letter from the Department, you may use the Letter ID number located in the upper right corner of Department tax letters. 

3. Each required field will be outlined in orange. Some fields change/appear based on the options you choose. Fill out each item as completely as possible.

4. Enter Taxpayer information

Picture of where to add taxpayer information

5. Enter login information

Picture of where to add Login information

Note: A best practice is to choose “Send Text or Email,” in case one method of transmittal does not work to receive an authentication code. Please update your wireless carrier when you switch to a different service provider. Even though you have the same phone number, the system may not recognize your device, so it may prevent receiving an authentication code. Please make sure you remember the Login ID and Password you created. 

6. Enter Account Information

Picture of where to add account information

Note: Sales tax login creation example screenshot. Marijuana tax accounts will choose "Other" from the Tax Type list

7.  After clicking on the “OK” button, Revenue Online prompts you to enter your email address twice to get a confirmation number. 

Picture of screen

Note: when your account information provided by you does not match the information in the system, you will receive a rejection email. The email subject line is “Subject: Colorado Department of Revenue - Revenue Online Account Access.”

8.  You will see a confirmation page on your screen

Picture of confirmation page

Note: The confirmation number is your registration information, not an authentication code.

9.  You will receive a one-time authentication code either via email or text message depend on a choice that you made in Step 2 (Item #5 in these instructions). When you receive it via email, the email subject line is “Colorado Department of Revenue - Revenue Online Account Access Complete.”

10. Once you have your authentication code, return to the Revenue Online website. In the “Log In” section, enter your Login ID and Password, then click “Log In.”

Note: When the system prompts you to enter the authentication code, you have the option to remember your computer or device by clicking the button labeled “Yes, Remember This Device.” Going through this process places a file on your device called a cookie that is recognized by the system during future logins, and will then allow you to skip the authentication process. Only select this option if others are not using the same device or will not be able to access your information.

Picture of "Remember this Device"