Severance Tax -- Instructions and Forms

Severance Tax Forms Form Number
Affiliations -- Schedule DR 0021AS
Annual Reconciliation -- Tax Withheld Oil/Gas Payments DR 0456
Coal -- Amended Form DR 0020CX
Coal -- Estimated Form DR 0021PC
Coal -- Extension of Time to File DR 0021SC
Coal -- Return DR 0020C
Colorado Employee Residence Reports DR 1561/DR 1562
Detail Information for Producers DR 0021PD
Metallic Minerals -- Amended Form DR 0020AX
Metallic Minerals -- Estimated Form DR 0021PA
Metallic Minerals -- Extension of Time to File DR 0021SA
Metallic Minerals -- Return DR 0020A
Molybdenum Ore -- Amended Form DR 0022X
Molybdenum Ore -- Return DR 0022
Oil and Gas -- Amended Form DR 0021X
Oil and Gas Booklet -- This version is used for all tax years. DR 0021
Oil and Gas -- Estimated Form DR 0021P
Oil and Gas -- Extension of Time to File DR 0021S
Oil and Gas -- Schedule DR 0021D
Oil and Gas and Oil Shale Tax Withheld Return DR 0461
Oil Shale -- Amended Form DR 0020EX
Oil Shale -- Estimated Form DR 0021PE
Oil Shale -- Extension of Time to File DR 0021SE
Oil Shale -- Return DR 0020E
Tax Status Letter Request DR 0096
Underpayment -- Estimated Form 206
Withholding Statement --  Oil/Gas DR 0021W