Sales Tax -- Instructions and Forms

Sales Tax Return (DR 0100)
Beginning with filing periods starting January 2018, there is a new version of the DR 0100. Please use the correct version of the DR 0100 based on your filing period. 
Tax Forms File Links
Retail Sales Tax Return - for filing periods starting January 2018 (due Feb. 20, 2018) and forward
Retail Sales Tax Return - for 2017 filing periods  2017
Retail Sales Tax Return - for 2016 and prior filing periods  2016

Other Sales Tax Forms

Tax Forms
Form Number
Account Changes or Closure
Aviation Fuel Sales Tax Report
Business Application for Sales Tax/Wage Withholding Tax Account
Broadband Equipment - Sales/Use Tax Refund for DR 0137C
Copy of Form Filed -- Request for
Cost of Utilities, excluding tax (restaurants only at end of year) DR 1465
County Lodging Tax Return
Credit Card Payments -- Affidavit for Government Entities
Direct Pay Permit
Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization
Electronic Funds Transfer Program
Exemption -- Affidavit of Exempt Sale DR 5002
Exemption -- Contractor Application for
Exemption -- Electricity and Gas
Exemption -- Electricity and Gas, Industrial
Exemption -- Farm Equipment
Exemption -- Low-Emitting Heavy Vehicles
Exemption -- Machinery and Machine Tools State Sales Tax Exemption Declaration
Exemption -- Machinery/Machine Tools, Purchases
Exemption -- Multi-Jurisdiction
Exemption -- Pine Beetle Wood Certification
Exemption -- Sales Tax
Food Establishment -- Deduction for Gas/Electricity
Interstate Commerce Vehicles -- Sales Tax Refund
License - Sales Tax, Renewal
Local Marketing District Tax Return
Location/Jurisdiction Codes for Sales Tax Filing
Low-Emitting Heavy Vehicles -- Sales and Use Tax Exemption
Motor Vehicle -- Purchase Price
Motor Vehicle -- Sales Tax Exemption
Motor Vehicle Lease -- Sales Tax Paid
Motor Vehicle Loaner -- Sales Tax Paid
Non-Profit Statement
Overweight Vehicle Refund DR 0201
Pine Beetle Wood -- Certification for Exemption
Power of Attorney for Representation (and Tax Information Designation)
Prepaid Wireless E911 Surcharge - for returns September 2016 and forward
Prepaid Wireless E911 Surcharge - for returns August 2016 and prior DR 0526 Prior
Receipt - Standard Sales Tax
Refund, Claim for
Refund, Claim for Tax Paid to Vendors
Rental/Lease Permit
Retail Sales Tax Return -- See the links at the top of this webpage.
Sales and Use Tax Reference Guide
Sales Tax License -- Registration
Sales Tax License -- Renewal DR 0594
Sales Tax Form -- Occasional Retail Sales
Sales/Use Tax Refund for Broadband Equipment DR 0137C
Special District Sales Tax Supplement (2018 filing periods) DR 0200--2018
Special District Sales Tax Supplement (2017 filing periods only)
Special District Sales Tax Supplement (2016 and prior filing periods) DR 0200--2016
Special Event Application 
Special Event Sales Tax Return  (filing periods 2017 and prior)
How to File Online
DR 0098
Special Event Sales Tax Return (current filing periods - 2018 and forward)
How to File Online
Tax Rates
Tax Rates -- History of Local Sales/Use Taxes
Tax Status Letter Request
Vehicle Daily Rental Fee Return
Vending Machine Decals Request
Waste Tire Recycling Development Fee on New Tires -- See Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment