Sales & Use Tax Software (SUTS) System

SB19-006/SUTS Project Weekly Updates

Updated: April 7, 2020    

Remittance Portal: on target

  • Completed Final Development Sprints
  • Testing is going well and on schedule to be ready for the Controlled Launch.

Taxability Matrix: on target

  • The TTR Solution has completed the Systems and User Acceptance Testing Milestone.
  • Completed the Hosting Usage Report to support production usage analysis.
  • Completed 8 Home Rule Cities change management sessions.
  • "Questions" function is complete and ready for State content. 
  • Overall the TTR solution is Production Ready

General Updates

  • Continued work on User Agreements with AG's office.
  • More Home Rule Cities Change Management sessions conducted.
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What is the Sales & Use Tax Software (SUTS) Project?

The goal of the SUTS project is to create a better way for taxpayers to comply with sales and use tax requirements. SUTS will be a one-stop portal that will allow taxpayers to do all manner of tasks related to collecting and remitting sales & use tax in an easy, automated and seamless fashion. Per statute, the system will have the following capabilities:

  • accurate address location capability
  • a single application process for state and local tax licenses
  • a uniform remittance form
  • a single point of remittance
  • a taxability and exemption matrix
  • access to data in the system for auditing or revenue projection purposes
  • the ability to interface with existing state and local tax administration systems
  • it should allow for changes to tax bases or jurisdictional boundaries
  • be able to collect taxes on items with differing tax rates in the same jurisdiction
  • record the history of any changes

Geographic Information System

One of the primary elements to simplification revolves around businesses being able to easily, and with the aid of free technology, identify the correct taxing jurisdictions related to the sale of a taxable good or service. The Colorado Department of Revenue, in partnership with the Governor's Office of Information Technology, has been tasked with creating and implementing an online Geographic Information System (GIS): Senate Bill 19-006.

The Geographic Information System would allow businesses to look up the specific sales tax rate for an individual address. The GIS will not only show state sales tax information, but it will also include sales tax information for counties, municipalities, and special taxation districts. This system will allow businesses to accurately calculate and collect sales tax from their customers in real-time promoting voluntary compliance by vastly simplifying the process. 

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