Payment Plan Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I set up a payment plan for my 2019 balance due?

Payment plans can be set up after July 15, 2020, the day after the delayed due date. You are encouraged to make voluntary payments (without a formal payment plan) prior to July 15, 2020 as you are able. Please contact the Collections Section via web message through Revenue Online or by phone to set up a payment plan or roll any new balances into an existing payment plan. 

Phone: 303-205-8291
Hours:  Monday-Thursday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

2. What is the minimum amount that I can pay each month?

The minimum monthly payment allowed is $25; however, we strongly encourage you to pay your tax debt quickly as interest and penalties are prorated over the life of your agreement.

3. Why did you keep my refund when I am on an installment agreement?

The State of Colorado will not release your refund as long as you have outstanding tax debt (or other debt, such as student loans or child support, owed to another agency).  Refunds applied to your tax debt will likely shorten the length of your installment agreement, but you must continue to make your regularly scheduled monthly payment on time.

4. What if I am unable to make my payment on time?

You are required to make your monthly payment by your due date.  Failure to do so will be cause to cancel your installment agreement.  To discuss your situation, call Collections at (303) 205-8291.

5. Will my installment agreement be affected if I file this year’s taxes and I owe?

We may cancel an installment agreement if you file tax returns and do not pay what you owe by the due date.  To discuss your situation and see if the new debt is eligible for inclusion in a new installment agreement, call Collections at (303) 205-8291.

6. What should I do if I forgot to send in my signed waiver?

Send it immediately. Your account is monitored and we will cancel your installment agreement if we do not receive this document.

7. I stopped receiving payment coupons. Is something wrong?

The Department may have canceled your installment agreement. Visit the Violated Installment Agreements web page for more information.

8. My finances changed and I cannot maintain my payment plan. What can I do?

The Department may agree to modify your payment plan based upon financial need. However, my may be instructed to first submit a Statement of Income and Expenses (DR 6596). Call Collections at (303) 205-8291 to discuss your situation and review your options. 

9. How do I add new debt to a payment plan?

The terms of your payment plan (installment agreement) require you to pay any new tax bills when they are due. Failing to pay new tax bills may result in the cancellation of your payment plan. However, it is recommended that you call the Collections Section to discuss your tax situation and any options you may have. The Collections Section can be reached by phone at (303) 205-8291. 

10. Why did I receive a Taxpayer Offset Program letter about my federal refund when I am on an installment agreement?

We previously sent a letter to you by certified mail regarding the federal Taxpayer Offset Program.  It required you to completely pay your tax debt in full within a specific amount of time; otherwise we would notify the US Treasury of your outstanding debt.  You did not meet these requirements.  Refunds applied to your tax debt will likely shorten the length of your installment agreement, but you must continue to make your regularly scheduled monthly payment on time.

11. Why did I receive a Final Notice of Determination and Demand for Payment when I am on a payment plan?

The Department is required to issue this notice when there is outstanding tax payment due. This may be sent after you set up your payment plan, submitted a protest, or or agreed to an adjustment. 

Review the Statement of Account included with the Notice to confirm all of your outstanding debt is covered by a payment plan. All included debt will be listed on this statement, under the the following heading:

"The debt below is included in a payment plan. Please continue to make the regularly schedule monthly payments."

If you have any debt that is listed separately from the items listed on your statement, be sure to call the Collections Section at (303) 205-8291 to determine if you can add it to your payment plan.