Jurisdiction Codes Change to the SOVOS Free Lookup Tool

SOVOS is a “hold harmless” database provider that is certified by the Department. Certified database providers are independent companies. SOVOS developed a Lookup Tool where you can look up sales tax rates for free. 

As of Friday, March 6th, SOVOS is no longer providing jurisdiction codes (also known as location or juris codes) as a part of the Free Lookup Tool database. They recently conducted a review of their services and decided to discontinue this free service. 

The Department has resources available to look up jurisdiction codes. Visit the Sales & Use Tax Rates web page to learn more.  

Additionally, the Department is developing a free look-up tool as part of the Sales and Use Tax Software (SUTS) System that will provide the jurisdiction code of any address in the state. The goal of creating this system is to aid businesses complying with the state’s and over 70 home rule jurisdictions’ tax laws.  It will be available to the public by the end of the state’s fiscal year in June.

With the GIS, businesses can look up the specific sales tax rate and jurisdiction code for an individual address. This system will allow businesses to accurately calculate and collect sales tax from their customers in real-time. For updates on the status of the GIS project, sign up for sales tax email alerts and visit the SUTS web page