It's Time to Renew Your Sales Tax License

All Colorado sales tax licenses will expire on December 31, 2019. A sales tax license is used for collecting and remitting sales tax that is collected by the Colorado Department of Revenue. 

  • Renewed licenses will be valid for a two-year period that beginning January 1, 2020. Each physical location must have its own license and pay a $16 renewal fee. If you recently applied for and received your sales tax license, you still must renew for the new two-year period.
  • Before renewing, verify your open locations through Revenue Online:
    • Access “Business Location Rates” in Revenue Online under “View Sales Rates and Taxes.”
    • Enter your sales tax Colorado Account Number (CAN) to view all of your open locations/sites.
    • Close any locations/sites that are no longer open.​ To close a site in a jurisdiction where you no longer sell, rent or lease, send an email requesting a site closure to and include the following information:
      • account number and site (XXXXXXXX-XXXX)
      • final date business was transacted within that jurisdiction
      • the name and contact information of the person requesting the closure

For more information and for instructions on how to renew your license, visit the Sales Tax License Renewal web page.