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Forms in Number Order

This page lists only the most recent version of a tax form. If you are looking for prior-year forms, visit the Forms by Tax Type page and select the type of tax for the prior-year form you are seeking. Prior-year forms are listed immediately following the current forms on the page for each tax type. You may request a digital copy of a PDF form by emailing, if you cannot locate the tax form you are looking for.

Please be aware that fillable PDF forms are provided for your convenience for certain forms. They must be printed prior to closing the document - changes will not be saved in the PDF.  

 Form Number  Form Title
 Business Application for Wage Withholding Tax Account
 Direct Pay Permit Application
 Metallic Minerals Severance Tax Return
 Amended  Metallic Minerals Severance Tax Return
 Coal Severance Tax Return
 Amended Coal Severance Tax Return
 Oil Shale Facility Severance Tax Return
 Amended Oil Shale Facility Severance Tax Return
 Oil & Gas Severance Tax Filing Booklet (contains DR 0021, DR 0021D, DR 0021S)
 Colorado Severance Tax Affiliations Schedule
 Colorado Oil & Gas Severance Tax Schedule
 Estimated & Gas Severance Tax Payment Form
 Estimated Metallic Minerals Severance Tax Payment Form
 Estimated Coal Severance Tax Payment Form
 Oil & Gas Severance Tax Schedule
 Estimated Oil Shale Severance Tax Payment Form
 Extension of Time for Filing Oil & Gas Severance Tax Return
 Extension of Time for Filing Metallic Minerals Severance Tax Return
 Extension of Time for Filing Coal Severance Tax Return
 Extension of Time for Filing Oil Shale Severance Tax Return
 Oil & Gas Severance Withholding Statement
 Amended Oil & Gas Severance Tax Return
 Molybdenum Ore Severance Tax Return
 Amended Molybdenum Ore Severance Tax Return
 Standard Sales Tax Receipt for Vehicle Sales
 DR 0024N  Instructions for Standard Sales Tax Receipt for Vehicle Sales
 Tax Statement for Leased Motor Vehicle
 DR 0026N  Instructions for Tax Statement for Leased Motor Vehicle
 Statement of Purchase Price of Motor Vehicle
 Application for Extended Enterprise Zone Tax Credits in Terminated Enterprise Zone Area
 Pass-Through Entity Enterprise Zone Credit Distribution Report
 Substitute Colorado W-2 Form 
 Aircraft Manufacturer New Employee Progress Report
 Aircraft Manufacturer Employee Pass-through Schedule
 Request for Tax Status Letter
 Special Event Retail Sales Tax Return
 DR 0100
 Retail Sales Tax Return for 2020 Filing Periods (Supplemental Instructions)
 Retail Sales Tax Return for Occasional Sales
 Claim for Refund on Behalf of Deceased Taxpayer
 DR 0103  State Service Fee Worksheet
 Individual Income Tax Filing Booklet (contains Individual Income Tax Table and Forms DR 0104, DR 0104CH, DR 0900, DR 0104AD, DR 0158-I, DR 0104PN, DR 0104US, DR0104CR)
 DR 0104  Individual Income Tax Return (form only)
 DR 0104AD  Individual Income Tax Subtractions Schedule (instructions in the DR 0104 Book listed above)
 Alternative Minimum Tax Computation Schedule
 Nonresident Beneficiary Estimated Income Tax Payment Form
 DR 0104CH  Voluntary Contributions Schedule (Charity Look-Up Tool and List of Qualified Non-Profits/Charities)
 Individual Income Tax Credit Schedule
 DR 0104EP
 Individual Estimated Income Tax Payment Form
 DR 0104PN
 Part-Year Resident/Nonresident Calculation Schedule
 Colorado Property Tax/Rent/Heat Rebate Application and Affidavit
 Consumer Use Tax Reporting Schedule
 Amended Individual Income Tax Return
 Fiduciary Income Tax Filing Booklet (contains DR 0105, DR 0158-F, DR 0104BEP)
 DR 0105  Fiduciary Income Tax Return (form only)
 Estate/Trust Estimated Tax Payment Form
 Partnership or S Corporation Tax Filing Booklet (contains DR 0106, DR 0107, DR 0108, DR 0158-N, DR 0106CR)
 DR 0106  Partnership and S Corporation Tax Return (form only)
 DR 0106EP
 Composite Nonresident Return Estimated Income Tax Payment Form
 Nonresident Partner or Shareholder Agreement 
 DR 0108  Statement of Colorado Tax Remittance for Nonresident Partner or Shareholder 
 C Corporation Income Tax Filing Booklet (contains DR 0112, DR 0158-C, DR 0112SF, DR 0112CR)
 DR 0112  C Corporation Income Tax Return (form only)
 Credit Schedule for Corporations
 Corporate Estimated Income Tax Payment Form
 DR 0112RF  Receipts Factor Apportionment Schedule
 Amended C Corporation Income Tax Return
 Rural Jump-Start Zone Credit Schedule
 International Fuel Tax Agreement Tax Report
 Renewal Application for International Fuel Tax Agreement License
 Passenger Mile Tax Return
 Claim For Refund
 Claim for Refund of Tax Paid to Vendors
 Sales/Use Tax Refund for Broadband Equipment
 Tax Information Designation and Power of Attorney for Representation
 Extension of Time for Filing Individual Income Tax Payment Form
 Extension of Time for Filling C Corporation Income Tax Payment Form
 DR 0158-F  Extension of Time for Filing Estate or Trust Income Tax Payment Form
 Extension of Time for Filing Composite Nonresident Income Tax Payment Form
 Contractor Application for Exemption Certificate
 Retailer's Use Tax Return
 Special District Sales Tax Return Supplement 
 Overweight Vehicle Refund
 Sales Tax Refund for Vehicles Used in Interstate Commerce
 Tax Year Ending Computation of Penalty Due Based on Underpayment of Individual Estimated Income Tax
 Tax Year Ending Computation of Penalty Due Based on Underpayment of Corporate Estimated Income Tax
 Computation of Penalty Due Based on Underpayment of Severance Estimated Tax
 Cigarette Distributor Application
 Cigarette License Surety Bond
 Tobacco Products Distributor Application
 Tobacco Products Tax Return for Non-Licensed Distributors
 Tobacco Product Manufacturer Certification
 Request for Vending Machine Decals
 Certificate of Compliance by Non-Participating Manufacturer Regarding Escrow Payment
 Application for Fuel Tax Exemption Certificate for Government or Political Subdivision
 RTA Consumer Use Tax Return
 Consumer Use Tax Return
 Income Tax Closing Agreement
 Application for Passenger Mile Tax Account
 Colorado Mileage and Fuel Tax Bond
 Hunger-Relief Food Contribution Certification
 Child Care Expenses Tax Credit
 Remediation of Contaminated Land Credit Transfer Schedule
 Remediation of Contaminated Land Credit Use Schedule
 First-Time Home Buyer Savings Account Interest Deduction
 Rural & Frontier Health Care Preceptor Credit
 Lessor Registration for Sale Tax Collection
 Monthly Report of Excise Tax for Alcohol Beverages
 Liquor and Beer Export Sales Report
 Wholesaler's Report of Liquor and Beer Purchases
 Manufacturer Production Report for Alternating Proprietor Licensed Premises
 Monthly Report of Excise Tax for Winery-Direct Shipper Permittees
 Personal Excise Tax Return for Alcohol Beverages
 Colorado Winery Surcharge Worksheet
 Annual Reconciliation of Severance Tax Withheld from Oil and Gas Payments
 Monthly Return of Oil and Gas Tax Withheld
 Affidavit for  Sales Tax Exemption for Farm Equipment
 Annual Report of Public Utility Intrastate Gross Operations Revenue
 Prepaid Wireless Surcharge Return
 Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Multi-Jurisdiction
 Sales Tax Special Event Application
 Application for Renewal of Multiple Event Sales Tax License
 Renewal Application for Sales Tax License
 Innovative Motor Vehicle Credit & Innovative Truck Credit 
 Innovative Motor Vehicle Tax Credit - Election Statement (Approved File Format for Electronic Submissions)
 Application for Sales Tax Exemption for Colorado Organizations
 Statement of Non-Profit Church, Synagogue, or Organization
 Monthly Fleet Mileage and Fuel Summary
 Individual Vehicle Distance Record and Fuel Report
 Statement of Sales Tax Exemption for Motor Vehicle Purchase
 Location/Jurisdiction Codes for Sales Tax Filing
 Employees Election Regarding Medical Savings Account
 Employees Election Regarding Catastrophic Health Insurance
Individual Income Tax Payment Form
 C Corporation Income Tax Payment Form
 Fiduciary Income Tax Payment Form
 Partnership S-Corp Payment Voucher 
 Colorado Sales/Use Tax Rates
 Exemption from Withholding for a Qualifying Spouse of a U.S. Armed Forces Service Member
 Payment of Withholding Tax on Certain Colorado Real Property Interest Transfers
 Information with Respect to a Conveyance of a Colorado Real Property Interest
 Backup Withholding Tax Return - Gaming
 DR 1093
 Annual Transmittal of State W-2 Forms
 Colorado W-2 Wage Withholding Tax Return
 DR 1098   Colorado Income Tax Withholding Worksheet for Employers (Withholding Worksheet Calculator)
 Annual Reconciliation of Income Tax Withheld on Gaming Winnings
 Address Change or Business Closure Form
 Annual Transmittal of State 1099 Forms
 1099 Income Withholding Tax Return
 Audit Referral
 Sales Tax Exemption on Purchases of Machinery and Machine Tools
 Colorado Machinery and Machine Tools State Sales Tax Exemption Declaration
 Estate Tax Return
Certification for Sales Tax Exemption on Pine Beetle Wood
 DR 1250  History of Local Sales/Use Taxes
 Sales Tax Exempt Certificate--Electricity & Gas for Domestic Consumption
 Licensed Distributor Reporting Form for Tracking Non-Tax Paid Transfers of Non-Participating Manufacturer Cigarette Brands For Escrow Purposes
 Licensed Distributor Reporting Form for Cigarette Sales of Non-Participating Manufacturer Brands
 Tobacco Distributor's Certificate for Exemption MSA/Non-Participating Manufacturer Brands
 DR 1290  Certification of Registered Marketplace Facilitator
 Gross Conservation Easement Schedule
 Gross Conservation Easement Credit Transfer Schedule
 Gross Conservation Easement Credit Pass-Through Schedule
 Gross Conservation Easement Credit Use Schedule
 Colorado Source Capital Gain Affidavit
 Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Certification
 Accepted Child Care Centers sorted by city or name
 Unlicensed Child Care Organization Registration Application (Registration Information)
 Child Care Contribution Tax Credit Grandfathered Organization Application (Registration Information)
 Enterprise Zone Credit and Carryforward Schedule
 Affidavit Of Sale Paid By Government Credit Card
 Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Low-Emitting Heavy Vehicles
 Retail Food Establishment Computation Worksheet for Sales Tax Deduction for Gas and/or Electricity
 County Lodging Tax Return
 Local Marketing District Tax Return
 Affidavit Retail Sales of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Propane)
 Aviation Fuel Sales Tax Report 
 Sales Tax Exempt Certificate Electricity & Gas for Industrial Use
 Vehicle Daily Rental Fee Return
 E-Filer Attachment Form
 Material Advisor Disclosure Statement For Colorado Listed Transaction
 Taxpayer Disclosure Statement for Colorado Listed Transaction
 DR 1917  Information for Outfitters & Owners of Short-Term Rentals
 Standard Colorado Affidavit of Exempt Sale
 Request for Copy of Tax Returns
 Electronic Payments Using Third Party Payment (TPP)
 Third Party Payments (TPP) Originator Application
 Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program Information
 Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Account Setup for Tax Payments
 Memorandum of Lease
 Statement of Income and Expenses
 Waiver of Statute of Limitations
 Passenger Mile Detail By Passenger Buses
 Request for Replacement IFTA Decals
 Fuel License Application Booklet
 Fuel Distributors Bond
 DR 7067  Deposit Account Control Agreement
 Fuel Tax Refund Claim
 International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Registration
Gasoline/Special Fuel Tax Refund Permit Application
 IFTA Lease Agreement Certificate
 Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing
 Corporate Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing
 Fiduciary Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing Declaration
 Partnership/S Corporation Declaration for Electronic Filing