Liquor Taxes -- Instructions and Forms

Tax Forms

Form Number

Monthly Report of Excise Tax for Alcoholic Beerages (2018 & prior) DR 0442       Efile
Monthly Report of Excise Tax for Alcoholic Beverages (2019 & later) DR 0442       Efile
Liquor and Beer Export Sales Report DR 0443
Wholesalers Report of Liquor and Beer Purchases DR 0445
Manufacturer Production Report for Alternating Proprietor Licensed Premises DR 0447
Out-of-State Wine Shipper Monthly Liquor Excise Report DR 0448       Efile
Personal Excise Tax Return for Alcoholic Beverages DR 0449
Colorado-based wineries--Worksheet for form DR 0442 DR 0450
Power of Attorney DR 0145
Request for a Copy of a Filed Form DR 5714
Electronic Funds Transfer Program DR 5782
Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization DR 5785