Installment Agreements (Payment Plans)

If you cannot completely pay your outstanding tax debt, you may request an installment agreement (payment plan) with the Colorado Department of Revenue.  The Department may allow you to make regular monthly payments until your debt is fully paid. 

We may cancel an agreement after it begins.  See Violated Installment Agreements below.

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Installment agreements (payment plans) for business tax debt (such as sales tax and wage withholding) can only be requested by speaking with a Compliance Agent at 303-866-3711. Agents are available from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


After you receive a bill, you may request an installment agreement (payment plan) by creating a Login ID and accessing Revenue OnlineYou can request an installment agreement on current year individual income tax debt before receiving a bill, but you must wait until after April 15 and must do so by contacting us by phone, secure email or by letter

How it works

  • We will discuss your options for a monthly payment according to how much debt is outstanding and in consideration of your financial situation.  The minimum monthly payment allowed is $25; however, our goal is to have the debt paid as soon as possible.
  • Once we agree on the amount of your monthly payment, we will send you a formal agreement.  We will mail to your address of record unless you have specified you wanted email communication only.  You must abide by the terms of the agreement or we will cancel your arrangement.  See Violated Installment Agreements below.
  • If our standard repayment terms create a financial hardship, you may request extended terms by completing and mailing Form 6596 Statement of Income and Expenses.  However, you must continue to meet the terms of your agreement while your application is being reviewed.

Violated installment agreements

An installment agreement is considered violated if you do not:
  • Sign and return the waiver that was included with your paperwork
  • Make the monthly payment on time
  • File and pay any tax return due
  • Provide Form 6596 Statement of Income and Expenses when requested
  • If your installment agreement is in violation and is subject to being canceled, we will notify you in writing.  

Changing an installment agreement

If you need to change your payment date or the monthly payment amount, we may agree to cancel the existing installment agreement and set up a new one.   
Be sure to contact the Collection Section immediately should either situation apply.

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