Individual Wage Withholding

How do I change my withholding?

Individuals change their withholding for both federal and state on the federal W-4 form, which you may obtain from your employer.

What if I don't live in Colorado, but withholding was deducted from my paycheck?

You must file a Colorado income tax return if you wish to receive a refund on wage withholding reported on your W-2 form regardless of whether you are a part-year resident, full-year resident or nonresident. If Colorado income tax withholding should not occur through your pay because you do not live or work in Colorado, contact your employer to request the correction for the future.

Does Colorado have a W-4 form?

The W-4 form is an Internal Revenue Service form. Colorado does not have an equivalent state form to the federal W-4. This is because the state income tax is based on the taxpayer's federal taxable income. An employer should use the information from the federal W-4 form to calculate the state wage withholding amounts. For employer information regarding Colorado withholding tax, see the Colorado Income Tax Withholding Worksheet For Employers (DR 1098).