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Income Tax Booklet
104 Booklet (including income tax table)
Income Tax Form (no instructions) eFile 104 Form
Amended Form for current tax year.
Note: If filing an amended return for a prior tax year, please access the year-specific amended return (104X) on the Prior Year Forms page
Accompanying Forms File Links Form Number
Alternative Minimum Tax Schedule eFile 104AMT
Capital Gain Affidavit eFile DR 1316
Catastrophic Health Insurance - Employee eFile DR 0811
Child Care Contribution - Credit Certification eFile DR 1317  | Accepted Child Care Centers sorted by city or name
Child Care Contribution - Grandfathered Organization eFile DR 1319  |  Information
Child Care Contribution - Unlicensed Organization eFile DR 1318  |   Information
Child Care Expenses Tax Credit   DR 0347
Consumer Use Tax Reporting Schedule (new) -- Use only if reporting use tax on the 104 form. eFile 104US  |  Instructions (see page 24)
Copy of Form Filed -- Request for eFile DR 5714
Credits -- for Individuals eFile 104CR
Deceased Taxpayer - Claim for Refund eFile DR 0102
E-Filer Attachment Form eFile DR 1778
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization eFile DR 5785
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program eFile DR 5782
Enterprise Zone Credit and Carryforward Schedule eFile DR 1366
Enterprise Zone Certification - Business eFile DR 0074
Enterprise Zone Certification - Contribution eFile DR 0075
Enterprise Zone Certification - Rehabilitation Expenditures eFile DR 0076
Enterprise Zone Certification - Research/Development Expenditures eFile DR 0077
Enterprise Zone Tax Credits - Extended Application eFile DR 0078
Enterprise Zone Tax Credits - Pass-Through Entity Distribution Report eFile DR 0078A
Estimated Tax -- Individual Underpayment eFile DR 0204
Estimated Tax -- Individual Coupon eFile 104EP  Current Year
104EP  Prior Year
Extension Payment Voucher -- Individual eFile DR 158-I
Gross Conservation Easement Schedule eFile DR 1305
Gross Conservation Easement Credit Transfer Schedule eFile DR 1305E
Gross Conservation Easement Credit Use Schedule eFile DR 1305G
Hunger-Relief Food Contribution Certification   DR 0346

Innovative Motor Vehicle Credit 

  DR 0617  

Innovative Motor Vehicle Tax Credit – Election Statement 
NOTE: This document should only be submitted by the dealer or finance company.
Approved File Format for Electronic Submissions
See How to Register and Submit an Election Statement 'txt' File in Revenue Online

  DR 0618
Material Advisor Disclosure Statement For Colorado Listed Transaction   DR 1830
Medical Savings Account -- Employee eFile DR 0810
Military Spouse -- Exemption from Withholding eFile DR 1059
Part-Year/Nonresident Computation Form eFile 104PN
Payment Voucher -- Individuals eFile DR 0900
Power of Attorney for Representation (and Tax Information Designation) eFile DR 0145
Real Property Interest -- Information eFile DR 1083
Real Property Interest -- Payment of Withholding   DR 1079
Remediation of Contaminated Land Credit Transfer Schedule
Please refer to the Commercial Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program Manual with the Office of Economic Development and International Trade
  DR 0348
Remediation of Contaminated Land Credit Use Schedule
Please refer to the Commercial Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program Manual with the Office of Economic Development and International Trade
  DR 0349
Rural Jump-Start Zone Credit Schedule   DR 0113
Subtractions from Income Schedule (new) eFile 104AD
Voluntary Contributions Schedule (new) eFile 104CH
W-2 Form Substitute   DR 0084