Income Tax -- Credits

Complete the DR 0104CR to claim various nonrefundable credits. Transfer the amount from the total line at the end of DR 0104CR to the line on the DR0104 for Nonrefundable Credits from the DR104CR. The nonrefundable credits used from the DR 0104CR combined with the total Nonrefundable Enterprise Zone Credit used cannot exceed the subtotal of your tax, prepayments and credits. To ensure faster processing of your paper return, the amount entered on Nonrefundable Credits from the DR104CR line on the DR0104 form must exactly match the total amount on the DR 0104CR. You must submit the DR 0104CR with the 104 form.

Reminder: Save time and file online! You may use the Department's free e-file service Revenue Online to file your state income tax. You do not need to login to Revenue Online to File a Return. After you file, you have the option of setting up a Login ID and Password to view your income tax account in Revenue Online. Or, you may opt to e-file through a paid tax professional or purchase tax software to complete and file returns. 


The Historic Property Preservation credit (§39-22-514, C.R.S.) must be claimed on the DR 0104CR. For more information on this credit, review FYI Income 1 and see Conditional Availability.

Conditional Availability 
For tax years 2011 and thereafter, the availability of this credit is contingent upon the December legislative council revenue forecast issued prior to the tax year and that the general fund appropriation must grow 6% over the previous year. 

2011 – Not Available
2012 – Not Available
2013 – Available 
2014 – Available
2015 – Available (Based on Colorado economic forecasts. Economic forecasts are listed by year and quarter. See: Forecast December 2015)
2016 – Not Available 
2017 –  Not Available
2018  – Available

See Colorado Legislative Council Economic Documents -- Availability Information

If a credit is not allowed during a specific tax year due to insufficient revenue growth, the credit may be claimed during the next immediate tax year in which sufficient growth is anticipated and the credit is allowed. This conditional availability does not apply to a credit that was generated in a tax year prior to 2011 that is being carried forward because the credit exceeded the net tax liability.
The Preservation of Historic Structures credit (§39-22-514.5, C.R.S.) must be claimed on the DR 0104CR. For more information on this credit, review resources available online from the Colorado Office of Economic Development or from History Colorado.​

For income tax years 2017 through 2019, health care professionals who provide a preceptorship during the applicable tax year may be eligible for a $1,000 tax credit. Only 200 primary health care preceptors are entitled to claim this credit each tax year. In order to claim this credit, the preceptor must:

Receive certification that the preceptor satisfied all requirements to receive the credit from the institution for which the preceptor teaches, whether it is an institution of higher education or a hospital, clinic, or other medical facility, or from the regional Area Health Education Center (AHEC) office with jurisdiction over the area in which the preceptorship took place. This certification must be completed on the form DR 0366.

Send an electronic copy of the completed certification (DR 0366) to the Department of Revenue by email to

If the preceptor receives notification from the Department that the credit has been issued to them, they must file a Colorado income tax return and claim the credit on the return. Be sure to include the DR 0366 with the return.

For more information, visit the Colorado General Assembly website