International Fuel Tax Agreement | Decals

You need a valid IFTA license and IFTA decal to be qualified to operate in all member jurisdictions without further licensing requirements, tax permitting, or identification. The qualified applicant will also be issued two IFTA decals for each qualified motor vehicle in the fleet.

Failure to comply with all the requirements shall be grounds for suspension or revocation of the license under the terms of the International Fuel Tax Agreement.

Decal Placement

The IFTA decal must be placed on the lower, rear exterior portion of the cab’s passenger side and driver side. Failure to display IFTA decals in the required location may subject the vehicle operator to the purchase of a Trip Permit. The IFTA decals are issued annually and are not vehicle specific.

Request Additional Decals

You can submit your request for additional decals by using one of the methods listed below. A copy of the cab card registration for the vehicle(s) is required with your request. Be sure to have your Colorado Account Number (CAN) available when you submit your request, as well. 

  • Online: Request can be made through your Revenue Online account by submitting a web message to the Department.
  • Phone: Call the Fuel Tax Unit at (303) 205-8205
  • FAX: You can request additional decals by faxing a request to (303) 205-8215.
  • In Person: You can a service center to request decals. 
  • Mail: You can mail a request to the following address:
Colorado Department of Revenue
Fuel Tax Unit, Room 200
P.O. Box 17087
Denver, CO 80217

Lost or Stolen Decals

For replacement decals that have been lost or stolen, a Request for Replacement IFTA Decals (DR 7053) must be completed and notarized by a licensed notary before the request is submitted to the Fuel Tax unit.

Trucks Purchased Out of State

IFTA decals cannot be issued for a truck purchased out-of-state until it has a valid Colorado registration. This means trip permit fees will be assessed going through each state until the truck reaches Colorado. The truck will then have to pass inspection and be registered in Colorado before IFTA decals can be issued.