Fuel Tax -- Instructions and Forms

Tax Form Name Form Number
Fuel Application Packet: Ensure you submit all of these forms when applying.
DR 5785DR 7064DR 7065 
COFTS--Electronic Trading Partner Agreement  
Affidavit Retail Sales of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Propane) DR 1501
Deposit Account Control Agreement DR 7067
Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization DR 5785
Electronic Funds Transfer Program DR 5782
Exempt Fuel Use Refund Form DR 7118
Fleet Mileage and Fuel Summary DR 0734
Fuel Distributors License Application Booklet DR 7064
Fuel Distributors Surety Bond DR 7065
Fuel Tax Refund Permit DR 7189
Government Agencies Fuel Tax Exemption DR 0241
Passenger Buses--Passenger Mile Detail DR 7011
Passenger Mile Tax Account Application DR 0278
Passenger Mile Tax Return DR 0133