Fuel Tax Information

Licensing & Filing Requirements

Any person or business operating in Colorado as a fuel distributor, supplier, importer, exporter, blender of fuel, carrier or terminal operator must be licensed as such. Visit the Fuel Licensing web page for more information. 

Fuel distributors, suppliers, importers, exporters, and blenders of fuel are required to report on the monthly fuel tax return, form DR 7050 electronically through the Colorado Fuel Tracking System (COFTS), and to remit taxes each month via EFT payment. For more detailed information, select an option to the left. For more information, visit the Fuel Distributors web page. 

Terminal Operators

Terminal Operators must be licensed in Colorado and provide their IRS terminal code. For information on licensing, visit the Fuel Licensing web page. A fuel license is location-specific for your operations. Each fuel license must be posted at the location of the business to which it applies. 

Third party terminal operators are required to report transactions for receipts to the terminal by position holder, disbursements from the rack by position holder, and provide an inventory by position holder. The report is not a tax report; it rather provides accountability of fuel products moving through the terminal. A separate report is required for each terminal.