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File Withholding Online

Employers and 1099 issuers may use Revenue Online to file their withholding tax.

You must file a withholding tax return even if the tax paid is zero. If you cannot use Revenue Online:

  • Employers (W-2 filers) use the Colorado W-2 Wage Withholding Tax Return (DR 1094)
  • 1099 Issuers use the 1099 Income Withholding Tax Return (DR 1107)

Gaming Establishments (W-2G Issuers)

Gaming establishments must file withholding taxes on behalf of taxpayers using the Backup Withholding Tax Return - Gaming (DR 1091). 

How do I file Year-End Withholding Statements in Revenue Online?

The Colorado Department of Revenue has a convenient and secure method of submitting withholding (1099/W-2G, W-2, and 21-Ws) annual reconciliation files online. All 1099/W-2G (with Colorado withholding) and W-2 payers with more than 250 payees are required to file electronically. We accept the IRS Pub 1220 format for 1099/W-2Gs and the SSA EFW2 format for W-2s.

Before you start using Revenue Online for annual reconciliations, you must register to be a Withholding Submitter.

  1. Under Additional Services (No Login Required)
  2. Select Submit Year-End Withholding and then select Request Withholding Submitter Access

You register only once. There are no passwords for withholding submitters. You will input your own Submitter Information that you will use whether you are submitting withholding files for your own business or as a third party for tax clients. This is a new system and all submitters are required to register at least five days prior to uploading files. The registration process is completed overnight in most cases. However, it may take up to five business days to complete. Third party submitters may register as the submitter and submit as many files as needed using the same Submitter Name. Files with multiple businesses contained in them are also accepted.
After your Submitter Name and information are approved, you can use either of these links on the home page after clicking on Submit Year-End Withholding:

  • Submit a Manual Withholding File (you type in the information)
  • Submit a Withholding File Attachment (submit electronic files)

For W-2s, the electronic file must be IRS Format 1220 or CDOR-EFW2. The RA record on the file MUST match what you enter as the Submitter Information in Revenue Online.
With manual entries (you type them in), you may save your work in Revenue Online and go back later if you are interrupted. When you save, be sure to write down the 6-digit confirmation code so you can go back later in

  • Retrieve a Saved Return (located on bottom right of Revenue Online Login page)

Again, payers with more than 250 payees must file electronically. Those with fewer than 250 payees may Submit a Manual Withholding File through Revenue Online. If you are unable to submit documents online, CDs are no longer accepted. Please send paper W-2s/1099s/W-2Gs/21-Ws by traceable mail.
Note: Paper and electronic withholding documents are due by January 31st. 

If you have any additional questions, see the Annual Withholding Reconciliation information. 

Wage Withholding & Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

The Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR) is aware of the recent IRS change to allow for the masking or truncation of part of the Social Security Number (SSN) on the federal W-2 form. CDOR requires that the SSN be revealed in full on the W-2 so that our systems can process the information. Masked or truncated W-2 forms will not be processed. 

CDOR collects personally identifiable information (PII) and other information only as necessary to administer our programs.  The information provided by employers will be used only for that purpose.  For more information on how we safeguard PII visit our Taxpayer Security Safeguards page.

Accessing Your Withholding Tax Account in Revenue Online

Employers or payroll companies acting on behalf of employers may use Revenue Online to manage the withholding tax account. Once you are inside your Department of Revenue tax account in Revenue Online, click on the specific tax account you want to view (WWH for withholding). You will see all of the filing periods for that tax type, including links to returns you have already filed and links to returns that should be filed.
1099 and W-2G withholding taxpayers must contact the department by telephone to discuss their accounts.


Wage Withholding Services in Revenue Online

  • File withholding returns
  • Sign up as a Withholding Submitter on behalf of a business or client (Instructions)
  • View payment history
  • View account balances
  • View letters from the Department
  • Update your account mailing address
  • Close a business tax account
  • Set up Third Party access to your tax account (Instructions)
  • Submit withholding annual reconciliation statements (no login required)
  • Make a Payment (no login required)
  • File a protest (no login required)
  • Add Power of Attorney (no login required)

How-To Videos

Requesting a Letter ID for Businesses
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