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Fiduciary Income Tax | File Online

You can file your Fiduciary Income Tax Return online through Revenue Online. However, if you are a first-time Colorado income tax filer, you must file a paper return or through an accepted tax software program. After your first tax return is processed, you may create your own User ID and Password to use in Revenue Online. For more information, review the instructions in How to Create a Login and Access to Revenue Online, the E-Filer Handbook, or visit the Revenue Online How-To web page.


Fiduciary Income Tax Services in Revenue Online

  • File/amend fiduciary income tax returns
  • View 1099-Gs (issued by the Colorado Department of Revenue)
  • View payment history
  • View account balances
  • View letters from the Department
  • Update your account mailing address
  • Check your refund status 
  • Submit e-Filer Attachments for income tax returns (Instructions) (No Login Required)
  • File a protest (No Login Required)
  • Add Power of Attorney (No Login Required)
  • Set up Third Party access to your tax account (Instructions)
  • Make a payment (Instructions) (No Login Required)

How-to Videos

Tips for Setting up your Revenue Online Account
Requesting a Letter ID for Individuals
Resetting your Revenue Online Password
Authenticating a Browser or Device
Solving Login Issues