Corporation Income Tax -- Instructions and Forms

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Helpful Documents
C Corporation Income Tax Booklet Efile now DR 0112 Booklet
C Corporation Income Tax Form (no instructions) Efile now 112 Form (DR 0112)
Amended Form for Current Tax Year
Note: If filing an amended return for a prior tax year, please access the year-specific amended return (112X) on the Prior Year Forms page.
When filing an amended return, provide ALL schedules and attachments and any new supporting documentation to any amended return.
Efile now DR 0112X


Current Year Forms
Accompanying Forms
File Links
Form Number
Aircraft Manufacturer Employee Pass-through Schedule
Aircraft Manufacturer New Employee Progress Report
Amended Return
Catastrophic Health Insurance -- Employee
C-Corporation Income Tax Return
Child Care Contribution - Credit Certification
Child Care Contribution - Grandfathered Organization
Child Care Contribution -  Unlicensed Organization
Copy of Form Filed, Request for
Credits - for Corporations
Be sure to submit the required supporting documentation for each credit claimed, including supporting schedules.
Electronic Filing Declaration - C-Corporation
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program
Enterprise Zone Credit and Carryforward Schedule
The Department strongly recommends electronic filing of the DR 1366 for taxpayers with enterprise zone credits. Failure to file electronically may result in delays processing your return. This form must be submitted with the DR 0112 form when filing your return.
  DR 1366
Enterprise Zone Certification -- Business
Enterprise Zone Certification -- Contribution
Enterprise Zone Certification -- Rehabilitation Expenditures
Enterprise Zone Certification -- Research/Development Expenditures
Enterprise Zone -- Extended Application
Enterprise Zone Tax Credits - Pass-Through Entity Distribution Report
Estimated Corporation Coupon/Voucher
Estimated Tax -- Underpayment
Extension Payment Voucher - Corporation
Gross Conservation Easement Schedule
Gross Conservation Easement Credit Transfer Schedule
Gross Conservation Easement Credit Use Schedule
Innovative Motor Vehicle Credit
This form must be submitted with the DR 0112 form when filing your return. You must submit copies of the DR 0617 AND the bill of sale, purchase invoice, lease agreement, or conversion receipts, along with proof of Colorado registration for each vehicle for which you are claiming a credit.
  DR 0617
Innovative Motor Vehicle Tax Credit - Election Statement
NOTE: This document should only be submitted by the dealer or finance company.
  DR 0618
Material Advisor Disclosure Statement for Colorado Listed Transaction
Medical Savings Account - Employee
Payment Voucher
Power of Attorney
Real Property Interest -- Information
Real Property Interest -- Payment of Withholding
Schedule SF -- Single Factor Apportionment Schedule    DR 0112SF
Tax Status Letter Request
W-2 Form Substitute