Corporation Income Tax -- Instructions and Forms

Current Year Forms
Form Name
File Links
Form Number
Aircraft Manufacturer Employee Pass-through Schedule
Aircraft Manufacturer New Employee Progress Report
Amended Return
Catastrophic Health Insurance -- Employee
C-Corporation Income Tax Return
Child Care Contribution - Credit Certification
Child Care Contribution - Grandfathered Organization
Child Care Contribution -  Unlicensed Organization
Copy of Form Filed, Request for
Credits - for Corporations
Be sure to submit the required supporting documentation for each credit claimed, including supporting schedules.
Electronic Filing Declaration - C-Corporation
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program
Enterprise Zone Certification -- Business
Enterprise Zone Certification -- Contribution
Enterprise Zone Certification -- Rehabilitation Expenditures
Enterprise Zone Certification -- Research/Development Expenditures
Enterprise Zone -- Extended Application
Enterprise Zone Tax Credits - Pass-Through Entity Distribution Report
Estimated Corporation Coupon/Voucher
Estimated Tax -- Underpayment
Extension Payment Voucher - Corporation
Gross Conservation Easement Schedule
Gross Conservation Easement Credit Transfer Schedule
Gross Conservation Easement Credit Use Schedule
Material Advisor Disclosure Statement for Colorado Listed Transaction
Medical Savings Account - Employee
Payment Voucher
Power of Attorney
Real Property Interest -- Information
Real Property Interest -- Payment of Withholding
Tax Status Letter Request
W-2 Form Substitute