Business Tax Class

This class is for Colorado businesses and business tax professionals. It covers information on sales tax, special events, consumer use tax, wage withholding, licensing and filing tax returns. Classes are offered monthly in each of our Taxpayer Service Centers located in Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction and Pueblo. Visit our Public Tax Class Calendar to find and register for a live class near you.

For information on income tax, review the 2019 Income Tax Best Practices Guide or select an option from the main menu above. 


Can't Make it to an In-Person Class? Watch this Video.

Training Materials

The documents below accompany this video of the Business Tax Class. They will be referenced throughout the video. You may wish to download and/or print a copy of each document before viewing this video.
  1. Presentation Slides & Notes Pages
  2. Business Tax Resources
  3. Part A & B: Deductions and Exemptions
  4. Making a Purchase with a Sales Tax License
  5. Check Points
  6. Annotated DR 0100: Retail Sales Tax Return
  7. DR 1002: Colorado Sales/Use Tax Rates



Additional Business Tax Resources

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