International Fuel Tax Agreement | License Information

Motor carriers (trucking industry) should submit an application for an IFTA license using the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Application (DR 7119). If the carrier is registering with the International Registration Plan (IRP), the carrier must register the truck(s) with the International Registration Plan BEFORE applying for an IFTA license.

Please complete the International Fuel Tax Agreement Application (DR 7119) in its entirety. Retain a photocopy of the complete form for your records.

As the base jurisdiction, Colorado will issue one IFTA license to the qualified applicant. The IFTA license is valid for the current calendar year and expires December 31.

The applicant is required to make copies of the IFTA license so that one copy can be carried in each qualified motor vehicle. A vehicle will not be considered operating under IFTA unless there is a copy of the license in the vehicle. Failure to display a copy of the IFTA license may result in the vehicle operator being required to purchase a Trip Permit. Carriers may obtain a Trip Permit at any Colorado Port of Entry.

Carriers can deduct miles paid for on a trip permit if the trip permit was issued for fuel tax because the IFTA license was not available for the port officer to verify. There are a number of states that have a separate mileage tax. Any miles traveled under a trip permit issued for a mileage tax or miles traveled on toll roads are not deductible on the IFTA report.