International Fuel Tax Agreement | Close Account

How to Close an IFTA Account

Closing an account, and returning your license and decals must be done by mail or in person. It cannot be done online. See each option below for instructions on how to close your account. 

Print Out & Mail Form

To cancel a Colorado IFTA account, you may submit a written request or an Account Change or Closure Form (DR 1102). Be sure to include the current IFTA license and IFTA decals that were issued with the form.

For faster processing, please mail the Account Change or Closure Form, your fuel tax license, and your decals to the Fuel Tax Unit at the following address: 

Colorado Department of Revenue
Fuel Tax Unit, Room 200
P.O. Box 17087
Denver, CO 80217-0087

In Person

Visit one of the five (5) Colorado Department of Revenue - Taxpayer Service Centers. You will be asked to fill out an Address Change and Business Closure form (DR 1102). Be sure to bring your IFTA license and decals to submit with your account closure form.  

Filing Requirements

Once your account closure request is processed, you will receive an acknowledgement letter with confirmation of the last required filing period. A return must be filed for the quarter in which the account closure request, license and decals are received. The account closure will be effective at the end of the quarter in which these items are received.

If the IFTA license and decals are not returned with your account closure request, the account will be closed effective December 31st of that year and you will be responsible for reporting all tax quarters through the end of the year.

Account Revocation

A revocation warning is issued thirty days before an IFTA license is revoked for non-compliance. Contact the Fuel Unit at (303) 205-8205 to determine what requirements need to be completed to bring the account into compliance.