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11 Things You Didn't Know About Revenue Online


You will need to set up an account in Revenue Online, even if you have already filed a return in the past.



When making a payment, you need to choose the filing period end date for the payment, not the date you are making the payment. The filling period date is the last day of the filling period, such as 12/31/2019 for a 2019 tax return.


For some cell phone carriers it can take up to 24 hours to send an authentication code to your device. If you only choose the mobile option when authenticating a device, you may not be able to access your Revenue Online Account immediately. Please make sure to choose both the email option and the mobile option.


You must put in the correct tax type for the payment you are making. If you don’t, it will show the Department you are making a payment for another tax type. 



We text authentication codes to your cell phone, so if you put in a home phone number instead of your cell phone number when requesting one, you will not receive an authentication code and you will not be able to access your account.


To protect taxpayer security, sessions are timed out due to inactivity. Taxpayers should have all necessary documents for filing their return prepared prior to filing in Revenue Online.


New Colorado Residents who have not filed an individual tax return with the Department of Revenue will not be eligible to use Revenue Online for individual income services.



Many of our online services exist at the account-level. If you click on the hyperlink (the account number in blue) for one of your accounts in Revenue Online, you will be brought to a similar screen with details on that account and a broader list of services available. Be sure to double check that you are working on the correct tax type when filing or making account changes.


The navigation bar located in the light blue Taxpayer Account banner at the top of the page provides easy access back to the tax account or Home page in Revenue Online.


Blue underlined links in Revenue Online, such as View Return, File Return, and Make a Payment will allow you to take that action. You may click on these tabs to see different views of the information in your tax account.


Textboxes, drop-down-lists, checkboxes, and other such items are shaded different colors for easy recognition. These colors translate as follows:

  • White field with Orange Flag: Required, you will need to fill in these fields before you submit or save
  • White field, no flag: Optional, enabled for your input but not required
  • Grey field: View only, you will not be able to change or enter data into this field
  • Red field with Red Flag: Error, place cursor over the field for Tip Tool
  • Blue Outline: Helps you locate the cursor