Money: Safeguard Your Hard-Earned Assets

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Step 1: Financial Education is for Everyone

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Smart, safe money management is essential to success, whether it be saving for a new bike as a kid, investing in the markets to grow your child’s college fund, or ensuring that your life’s savings will sustain you through your later years. It’s never too early, or too late, to educate yourself about the wide world of finance. Our Investor Education site can help you get started.

Step 2: Take Care of your Nest Egg

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Check out our Senior$afe page to learn about the program, find tips on prevention, and request a Senior$afe training. 


Step 3: Ask DORA for Help or Advice

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Still have questions? Contact DORA’s Division of Securities, Banking or Financial Services to get your questions answered or to request a presentation. Call 303-894-7855 or 800-866-7675 Toll-Free. 

Top 3 Financial Protection Steps

Question: Ask questions of any financial professional or business before you decide to work with them. Make sure the business or individual is properly licensed with no disciplinary history.

Research: Verify that what you’ve been told is correct. It’s an easy online process for Securities, Banking, and Financial Services.

Report: If something doesn’t seem right, say something! File a complaint with Securities, Banking, or Financial Services.

About the Divisions of Securities, Banking and Financial Services

The Colorado Division of Securities, Division of Banking, and Division of Financial Services all work to protect consumers and their money, which includes regulating banks and credit unions, savings and loan associations, and capital markets.