PDF icon Ordinance1A $16,500.00 Bond.pdf403.31 KB
PDF icon Ordinance2A Model Traffic Code 1966.pdf3.66 KB
PDF icon Ordinance3A Licensing of Solicitors and Peddlers.pdf310.88 KB
PDF icon Ordinance4A Water Rates 1972.pdf338.69 KB
PDF icon Ordinance5A Conservation Trust Fund Created.pdf46.23 KB
PDF icon Ordinance6A Leash Law (amending #98).pdf39.58 KB
PDF icon Ordinance7A Regulating Traffic (amending #77).pdf93.78 KB
PDF icon Ordinance8A Adopting Model Traffic Code 1973.pdf18.16 KB
PDF icon Ordinance9A Disconnecting Land From Town.pdf70.37 KB
PDF icon Ordinance10A 4 Year Overlapping Terms for Trustee and Mayor.pdf82.39 KB
PDF icon Ordinance11A Water Rates 1977.pdf38.02 KB
PDF icon Ordinance12A Water Permit Application.pdf103.44 KB
PDF icon Ordinance13A Model Traffic Code 1977.pdf141.21 KB
PDF icon Ordinance14A Cutting and Removal of Weeds.pdf94.25 KB
PDF icon Ordinance15A Water Rates 1978.pdf42.79 KB
PDF icon Ordinance16A Prohibiting keeping and running at large of animals.pdf94.32 KB
PDF icon Ordinance17A Shoplifting .pdf97.23 KB
PDF icon Ordinance18A Water Tap Fees and Water Rates 1979.pdf80.41 KB
PDF icon Ordinance19A Sanitation Tap Fees.pdf30.29 KB
PDF icon Ordinance20A Regulating, Licensing, Inoculation, Restraint and Impounding of Dogs.pdf202.75 KB
PDF icon Ordinance21A Curfew 1979.pdf70.42 KB
PDF icon Ordinance22A Open Container.pdf53.03 KB
PDF icon Ordinance24A Regulation, Licensing, Inoculation, restraint and Impounding of Dogs.pdf227.21 KB
PDF icon Ordinance25A Water Tap Fees and Rates 1982.pdf78.12 KB
PDF icon Ordinance26A Cable Franchise.pdf737.93 KB
PDF icon Ordinance27A Vacating Alley Block 2, Collins.pdf88.91 KB
PDF icon Ordinance28A Cable Rates and Service Charges.pdf170.36 KB
PDF icon Ordinance29A Repealing Ord. 14A and Instating New Ordinance (weed control).pdf225.33 KB
PDF icon Ordinance30A Increase in Cable Rates.pdf55.39 KB
PDF icon Ordinance31A Amending Ord 29 A (weed control).pdf80.16 KB
PDF icon Ordinance32A Water Restrictions 1985.pdf96.26 KB
PDF icon Ordinance33A Amendment of Zoning Map.pdf86.16 KB
PDF icon Ordinance34A $75,000 Water Bond 1985.pdf561.02 KB
PDF icon Ordinance35A Water Tap Fees and Water Rates 1985.pdf110.35 KB
PDF icon Ordinance36A Ogallala Aquifer.pdf138.71 KB
PDF icon Ordinance37A Annexation of Territory.pdf159.32 KB
PDF icon Ordinance38A Appropriating Budget 1986.pdf67.87 KB
PDF icon Ordinance39A K.C. Electric Association Franchise.pdf130.85 KB
PDF icon Ordinance40A Appropriating Budget 1987.pdf60.75 KB
PDF icon Ordinance41A Business and Accupancy Tax K.C. Electric.pdf151.64 KB
PDF icon Ordinance42A Lease of Certain Property (lot 5, block 6).pdf138.46 KB
PDF icon Ordinance43A Sale of Property (lot 5, block 6).pdf140.79 KB
PDF icon Ordinance44A Appropriating Budget 1988.pdf60.34 KB
PDF icon Ordinance45A Zoning.pdf1.12 MB
PDF icon Ordinance46A Appropriating Budget 1989.pdf62.67 KB
PDF icon Ordinance47A Backflow & Cross Connection.pdf1.22 MB
PDF icon Ordinance48A Lodgers Tax Levy.pdf185.78 KB
PDF icon Ordinance49A Vacating Alley Lot 7 Block 2.pdf141.63 KB
PDF icon Ordinance50A Appropriating Budget 1990.pdf81.61 KB
PDF icon Ordinance51A Sanitary Sewer use Regulations.pdf215.13 KB
PDF icon Ordinance52A Appropriating Budget 1991.pdf55.13 KB
PDF icon Ordinance53A Amending Zoning Ord 45A.pdf79.4 KB
PDF icon Ordinance54A Amedning Zoning Ord 45A.pdf81.17 KB
PDF icon Ordinance55A Vacate Alley Block 15.pdf108.91 KB
PDF icon Ordinance56A Vacate Alley Block 1 Collins Addition.pdf102.04 KB
PDF icon Ordinance57A Appropriating Budget 1992.pdf78.09 KB
PDF icon Ordinance58A General Penalty for Violating Ordinances.pdf44.27 KB
PDF icon Ordinance59A-Amended (Nuisance).pdf671.37 KB
PDF icon Ordinance60A Appropriating Budget 1993.pdf48.82 KB
PDF icon Ordinance61A General Reserve Fund.pdf63.98 KB
PDF icon Ordinance62A Amending 60A Appropriateing Budget 1993.pdf69.37 KB
PDF icon Ordinance63A Nuisance (keeping Animals & Poultry in Town).pdf46.79 KB
PDF icon Ordinance64A Amending 29A (Weed Control Penealty).pdf93.81 KB
PDF icon Ordinance65A Sale of Property to Jack Schideler.pdf122.26 KB
PDF icon Ordinance66A Appropriating Budget 1994.pdf90.88 KB
PDF icon Ordinance67A Vacating Land dedicated for Road Abutting lot 7,8,9,10,11 and 12.pdf119.23 KB
PDF icon Ordinance68A Vacating Alley in Block 5, Stegman's Addition.pdf107.14 KB
PDF icon Ordinance69A Notice of Intentfor Write-In Candidate.pdf115.1 KB
PDF icon Ordinance70A Vacating Alley Lots 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 28 in block 7 Original Stratton.pdf89.23 KB
PDF icon Ordinance71A $150,000 Swimming Pool Bond.pdf347.63 KB
PDF icon Ordinance72A Transfer Cable Franchise to Galaxy Cable.pdf110.74 KB
PDF icon Ordinance73A Set Mill Levies for 1995.pdf83.03 KB
PDF icon Ordinance74A Budget 1995.pdf120.18 KB
PDF icon Ordinance75A Appropriating 1995.pdf138.57 KB
PDF icon Ordinance76A 7th Street in Stegman's Addition Changed to Claremont.pdf120.79 KB
PDF icon Ordinance77A Emergency Telephone Service.pdf116.71 KB
PDF icon Ordinance78A Amending 48A (Lodgers Tax).pdf90.11 KB
PDF icon Ordinance79A Water Rates Dec 1995.pdf390.7 KB
PDF icon Ordinance80A Amending 51A.pdf89.36 KB
PDF icon Ordinance81A Model Traffic Code Dec 1995.pdf222.45 KB
PDF icon Ordinance82A Amending 51A Sewer Rates 1996.pdf119.26 KB
PDF icon Ordinance83A Burning of Trash, Rubbish, Brush , Weeds.pdf162.78 KB
PDF icon Ordinance84A Amending 24A Inoculation of Cats and Dogs.pdf76.31 KB
PDF icon Ordinance85A Vacating Reserved Utiltiy Easement and Petition for Such.pdf105.06 KB
PDF icon Ordinance86A Amending 24A Care of Dogs and Cats.pdf131.66 KB
PDF icon Ordinance87A Amending 81A Model Traffic Code.pdf127.45 KB
PDF icon Ordinance88A Two Regular Meetings of Board.pdf80.48 KB
PDF icon Ordinance89A Zoning 1998.pdf2.14 MB
PDF icon Ordinance90A Amending 21A Curfew.pdf128.21 KB
PDF icon Ordinance91A Regulating and Licensing Solicitors and Peddlers.pdf270.88 KB
PDF icon Ordinance92A Model Traffic Code 1997.pdf143.45 KB
PDF icon Ordinance93A Water Rates 2000.pdf318.73 KB
PDF icon Ordinance94A Sewer Rates 2000.pdf353.01 KB
PDF icon Ordinance95A Annexation Petition in Compliance with CRS 31-12-107(1).pdf109.66 KB
PDF icon Ordinance96A Annexation of Land.pdf129.32 KB
PDF icon Ordinance97A Approval of Personal Policies and Procedures.pdf99.13 KB
PDF icon Ordinance98A Transfer Cable Franchise to Galaxy Americal Communications L.L.C.pdf82.38 KB
PDF icon Ordinance99A Sales Tax.pdf257.77 KB
PDF icon Ordinance100A2 Donate Certain Real Property.pdf450.82 KB
PDF icon Ordinance101A Resolve and Ordain to Purchase Certain Real Property for Purposes of Anticipated Annexation and Development.pdf448.92 KB
PDF icon Ordinance1B Sales Tax Levy 2001.pdf260.38 KB
PDF icon Ordinance2B Natural Gas.pdf366.17 KB
PDF icon Ordinance3B Todd Annexation.pdf135.5 KB
PDF icon Ordinance4B Sales Tax Levy 2002.pdf265.47 KB
PDF icon Ordinance5B Liquor License Fee.pdf147.96 KB
PDF icon Ordinance6B Good Arboriculture Practice.pdf179.57 KB
PDF icon Ordinance7B Speed Limits.pdf61.13 KB
PDF icon Ordinance8B Amending 89A Section 2.25.pdf56.8 KB
PDF icon Ordinance9B Annexing Stratton Equity Coop.pdf147.88 KB
PDF icon Ordinance10B Failure to Pay Water or Sewer.pdf174.13 KB
PDF icon Ordinance11B Increase in Sewer.pdf66.96 KB
PDF icon Ordinance12B Annexing Sewer Facility.pdf115.04 KB
PDF icon Ordinance13B Sewer Rate Increase 2005.pdf50.83 KB
PDF icon Ordinance14B Authorize Purchase of Gwyn Property.pdf53.4 KB
PDF icon Ordinance15B Water and Sewer Rates DEC 2005.pdf78.12 KB
PDF icon Ordinance16B Auth Purchase of SAC.pdf86.34 KB
PDF icon Ordinance17B Water and Sewer Rates June 2006.pdf56.42 KB
PDF icon Ordinance18B Approving Refuse and Recycling.pdf61.68 KB
PDF icon Ordinance19B Smoking Ban.pdf77.98 KB
PDF icon Ordinance20B Purchase Pautler Well.pdf95.43 KB
PDF icon Ordinance21B Establishing Town Sanitary Sewer.pdf294.61 KB
PDF icon Ordinance22B Auth Issuance of Govern. Agency.pdf439.45 KB
PDF icon Ordinance23B Amending to Refuse Collection Contract 2006.pdf48.81 KB
PDF icon Ordinance24B Adopting 2003 Model Traffice Code.pdf142.13 KB
PDF icon Ordinance25B Regulation of Trash Services Fees and Penalties.pdf127.71 KB
PDF icon Ordinance26B Procedures and Penalties for non payment .pdf176.3 KB
PDF icon Ordinance27B Annexing 3 Tracts of Land.pdf135.85 KB
PDF icon Ordinance28B Annexing Tract of Land.pdf101.77 KB
PDF icon Ordinance29B Public Nuisances.pdf698.01 KB
PDF icon Ordinance30BTown Of Stratton Water Enterprise.pdf302.3 KB
PDF icon Ordinance31B Auth Issuance of $483 000 Bond.pdf466.62 KB
PDF icon Ordinance32B Auth Issuance of $90,000 Bond.pdf490.49 KB
PDF icon Ordinance33B Increase in Water August 2008.pdf105.3 KB
PDF icon Ordinance34B Vacating Portion of Arkansas Ave.pdf78.94 KB
PDF icon Ordinance35B Annexing COOP Fertilizer.pdf90.06 KB
PDF icon Ordinance36B Zoning Amending 89A Article 15 Section 15.8.pdf69.88 KB
PDF icon Ordinance37B Amending 24A Licensing fees for Dogs.pdf71.64 KB
PDF icon Ordinance38B Moratorium on Review of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.pdf97.28 KB
PDF icon Ordinance39B Model Traffic Code 2009.pdf112.61 KB
PDF icon Ordinance40B Replacing 5B Local Liquor License Fees.pdf84.23 KB
PDF icon Ordinance41B Repeals 38B and Prohibits Operation of Medical Marijuana.pdf96.45 KB
PDF icon Ordinance42B Water and Sewer Rates 2011.pdf148.99 KB
PDF icon Ordinance43B Municipal Lease and Option of Purchase of Water Meters.pdf96.48 KB
PDF icon Ordinance44B Second amend trash 2011.pdf97.24 KB
PDF icon Ordinance46B Prohibiting Theft Less than $500.00.pdf103.97 KB
PDF icon Ordinance47B Water and Sewer Rates and Associated fees 2012.pdf159.84 KB
PDF icon Ordinance48B Salling Annexation.pdf137.1 KB
PDF icon Ordinance49B Keeping of Rabbits at 120 Alaska Ave .pdf89.38 KB
PDF icon Ordinance50B Water Rate Increase 2013 to Maintain and Repair water System.pdf121.47 KB
PDF icon Ordinance51B Water Service Regulations.pdf143.3 KB
PDF icon Ordinance52B Sale of Real Property to American Legion.pdf108.75 KB
PDF icon Ordinance53B Unit Definition for Water and Sewer Rates.pdf329.79 KB
PDF icon Ordinance54B Sale of Real Property .pdf106.01 KB
PDF icon Ordinance55B Amend 16A Keeping of Rabbits at 411 Main .pdf85.39 KB
PDF icon Ordinance56B 1 Year Moratorium of Marijuana.pdf162.73 KB
PDF icon Ordinance57B Prohibiting Possesion of Marijuana.pdf234.63 KB
PDF icon Ordinance58B Raising Rates for the Bulk Water from the Town.pdf81.44 KB
PDF icon Ordinance59B Lease Certain Real Property to McCormick Excavation.pdf92.28 KB
PDF icon Ordinance60B Regulate certain uses relating to Marijuana.pdf216.42 KB
PDF icon Ordinance61B Prohibiting the operation ofMarijuana.pdf251.87 KB
PDF icon (New)Ordinance62B Property Purchase Certain Vacant Real Property.pdf449.61 KB
PDF icon Ordinance 63B Amend Sales Tax Ord 4B.pdf604 KB
PDF icon Ordinance 64B Approving Sale of Certain Nongovernmental Real Property.pdf430.47 KB
PDF icon Ordinance 65B Provide for and Regulate the Construction and Repair of Curb and Gutters.pdf1.14 MB
PDF icon Ordinance 66B Election Write In & Cx.pdf175.34 KB
PDF icon Ordinance 67B SCB Sale 2020.pdf72.39 KB