Stewardship Trust

The Stewardship Trust is a special management designation placed by the Board on state trust lands containing the highest natural values of beauty, open space, wildlife habitat, rare plants, geologic features and/or paleontological and historic features. 



Annual Stewardship Trust Questionnaire

We will be sending a questionnaire to agriculture and recreation lessees who hold leases on Stewardship Trust parcels in spring 2020. Please take the survey if you lease Stewardship Trust land. It's due April 15, 2020.

  • The Usage and Stewardship Questionnaire is a new annual questionnaire sent to lessees on Stewardship Trust properties.
  • The questionnaire will apply only to state trust lands designated into the Stewardship Trust.
  • Its purpose is to help the Board better understand how lands in the Stewardship Trust are being used and identify opportunities to improve long-term care.
  • There are four parts to the questionnaire: grazing use, recreation use, property concerns, and stewardship improvement ideas. 

Read a detailed Q&A about the questionnaire.

FAQs About Stewardship Trust

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