Stewardship Overview

The State Board of Land Commissioners prudently manages the assets it holds in trust to produce reasonable and consistent income over time while protecting and enhancing the long-term value and productivity of these assets through the application of sound stewardship.

The State Land Board uses a suite of tools to enhance short and long-term stewardship outcomes on state trust lands.  These tools are: the Stewardship Trust, Colorado Designated Natural Areas, Asset Management Plans, Stewardship Action Plans, lease stipulations and provisions, and best management practices.  Please view the Stewarding Colorado Trust Lands for Generations brochure for further information.  

Each of these tools have different goals and objectives and target different types of lands, allowing the Board to strategically apply the best tool for the job depending on the type of natural values involved.

The use of these tools on state trust land parcels is not mutually exclusive and it is possible that more than one may apply to certain properties.