We welcome proposals for recreation leases on state trust land. Examples of recreation leases include:

  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Horseback riding
  • Shooting ranges
  • Archery clubs
  • Bird watching
  • Other innovative ideas you have!

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2020 Hunting Season - What's Publicly Accessible?

View the Colorado Hunting Atlas to determine where you can hunt on trust lands.

Trespassers and unauthorized activities on trust land are subject to enforcement and fines. 

The State Land Board owns 2.8 million acres of land in Colorado. (That’s four percent of our state’s 66.5 million acres.) This land -- called trust land -- is not open to the public.

The public can access trust land only when the property is leased for recreation. More than 900,000 acres of trust land is leased for recreation this fall.

  • Sportsmen and women can enjoy nearly 600,000 acres of state trust land through the Public Access Program this fall. The acreage enrolled in the program has expanded by 20% at September 2019! Read more about the expansion.
  • 300,000 acres of land is leased for private recreation with limited public access depending on the lease.

​Read a Q&A about public access on trust land

Public Access Program Expansion

Trust land acreage enrolled in the Public Access Program is continuing to expand. Read more about the expansion.

We welcome comments from agriculture lessees and interested parties regarding the expansion of this program. 

View a map of trust land properties under consideration for future enrollment into the Public Access Program (map printed 2/3/2020):                                   

Our Constitutional Mandate

We’ve been constitutionally required to use and steward trust land solely to earn money for public schools since 1876. That means trust land has never been available for public use. Leases -- including recreation leases -- raise more than $100 million annually for Colorado public schools. Read more about how our history dates back to America's founders. 



Overlapping Agriculture and Recreation Leases

Trust land properties are often leased for multiple purposes at the same time, such as agriculture and recreation, in order to earn more revenue for Colorado schools.

  • ~95 percent of trust land is leased for agriculture.
  • ~33% percent of trust land is leased for recreation.

​We encourage agriculture lessees to obtain a recreation lease. Why? Anyone may apply for a private recreation lease on any property that is not already leased for recreation. In other words, a property you lease for agriculture will not be eligible to third-party recreation applicants if you get a private recreation lease first.

CPW encourages trust land lessees to contact your local CPW office if you witness tresspassing. View a Q&A about public access on trust land

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FAQs - Leasing

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