Oil & Gas

Our leases include:

  • Oil and gas
  • Surface use agreements
  • Disposal wells
  • Gas storage
  • No surface occupancy agreements
  • Legacy mineral non-development agreements
  • Seismic exploration permits

We also offer solid mineral leases and exploration permits.

Our lessees must comply with all local, state, and federal regulations.  And they are required to obtain necessary local, state, and federal permits. Additionally, all of our lessees are required to follow our site-specific stewardship stipulations. Violating stewardship stipulations may result in lease termination. 

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) is the regulatory agency for oil and gas development in the State of Colorado. The State Land Board is a separate agency from the COGCC. Our agency and our lessees are subject to the same local, state, and federal rules and requirements as any private land owner.

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Our History

The State Land Board owns 3,990,000 acres of mineral estate. The state received this acreage at statehood (1876) from the federal government. 
Today we have 1,250 active oil and gas leases covering approximately 574,000 acres of mineral estate. These leases resulted in approximately $1 billion earned for trust beneficiaries -- Colorado schoolchildren -- in the past decade.
Yet only 12% are actually produced: 88% of oil and gas leases on trust lands never go into production, i.e. no extraction occurs. 
Watch our short video about why we're proud that oil and gas leasing on trust lands has earned nearly $1 billion for Colorado's public schools. 

Obtain a Lease 

The State Land Board offers oil and gas leases by competitive auction. Auctions take place in February, May, August and November of each year. Auctions occur online through our third-party auctioneer EnergyNet. Pre-registration with EnergyNet is required to participate in the auction. Read more about the auction process, nomination information, and results.

Other oil and gas leases are issued through our application process. Scroll below to ‘Forms and Instructions’ to select the application you need.

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