Disposal Wells

The State Land Board accepts applications for disposal well leases. Apply now

For questions or assistance in obtaining a disposal well lease, please contact Steve Freese at steve.freese@state.co.us or 303-866-3454 ext. 3343.

We charge a disposal fee of either $0.65. $0.25, or $0.05 per barrel depending on the type of fluid being disposed. View a more detailed explanation of the different disposal rates.

Lessees are required to obtain local, state, and federal permits. And they must comply with all state and federal regulations regarding well construction, casing specifications, isolation of ground water aquifers, injection volumes, injection pressure, injection zone water quality, and potential for seismicity.  

The federal Environmental Protection Agency granted authority to state agencies to regulate Class II injection wells: the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) currently has jurisdiction over all Class II injection wells (except those on Native American lands). Additionally, all of our lessees are required to follow our site-specific stewardship stipulations.

Forms and Instructions