Buying and Selling Land

Acquisitions & Dispositions of Real Estate

The State Land Board acquires property that generates consistent annual earnings or is complimentary and accretive to existing holdings. The agency occasionally sells land and other property assets when it is clear that the reinvestment of the proceeds can provide a greater benefit to the trusts. The agency’s asset portfolio includes working ranches, recreational ranches, commercial buildings, development property in urban locations, water and minerals.

The State Land Board acquires properties of all asset types including:

  • Agricultural ranches
  • Recreational ranches
  • Commercial real estate
  • Lands in the path of future development
  • Water assets
  • Mineral estate
  • Lands that provide access to state‐owned properties

While not common, under state statute the State Land Board may sell off land/assets for benefit of the trust and re‐investment.

If you are interested in selling real estate assets to the State Land Board, please contact State Land Board staff with any questions you may have. 

Christopher Smith
303‐866‐3454 x3327