• Consolidated Appeal Dispute August 2014.pdf

    :_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Whistleblower (Retaliation for disclosure of information concerning waste of public funds, abuse of authority or mismanagement of any state agency). YOU MUST ATTACH A SEPARATE COMPLAINT FORM WHICH MAY BE FOUND AT: ... Procedures (Board Rule 8-8 or agency process Federal or State Constitutional Rights Whistleblower Layoff application/pdf attached to:Forms

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  • MINUTES2014-07.pdf

    their ability to do so. Mr. Peck remarked that it would be interesting to know the outcomes for Whistleblower complaints and incidents of retaliation. Director Shea-Reid advised that each August, Board staff prepares an annual report for the Governor on Whistleblower complaints that includes the complaints filed in the past application/pdf attached to:Agendas and Minutes

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  • 2013G025.pdf

    was a violation of the State Employee Protection Act (Whistleblower Act) after Complainant raised her objection ... was not patient driven, and that there were no individualized treatment plans. 11 Complainant’s Complaint of Work ... and had a discussion with the DHS staff member who handles work place violence complaints on August 17, application/pdf attached to:2013 Initial Decisions

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  • ConsolidatedAppealDisputeFormInstructions.pdf

    and 3. Whistleblower Complaints. ... such as reemployment procedures after layoff. Whistleblower – Retaliation for disclosure of information relating application/pdf attached to:Forms

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    Protection (Whistleblower) Act. P:\Board\Agenda\2014\BoardAgenda2014.09.doc 2 Respondent argues ... months. Complainant also challenged the discipline and her most recent performance review as Whistleblower Act violations based upon her complaint that her co-worker had been reallocated to a higher application/pdf attached to:Agendas and Minutes

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  • agenda9-16-14A.pdf

    performance review as Whistleblower Act violations based upon her complaint that her co-worker had been ... (Whistleblower) Act. Respondent argues that Complainant failed to meet her burden of showing that grounds exist ... by the Whistleblower Act or had motivated any retaliatory conduct against Complainant. Finally, the ALJ reviewed application/pdf attached to:Agendas and Minutes

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  • 2013G080 HARDESTY ID.pdf

    was in retaliation for filing a sexual harassment complaint against a co-worker. On September 18, 2013, the Board ... Anti-Discrimination Act (“CADA”) and the State Employees’ Protection Act, (the “Whistleblower Act”). Through ... have terminated Complainant even in the absence of her complaint. Respondent requests that its application/pdf attached to:2013 Initial Decisions

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  • 2007B102.pdf

    because of their KRONOS issues. The Civil Rights Complaints Filed.Against Complainant: 32. On or about ... or. hc"v the agency af;d the state handled civil rights complaints. Ms. Nuss encouraged both men ... him that complaints had been made by some of his subordinates and that Nuss would be investigating application/pdf attached to:2007 Initial Decisions

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  • 2005G044.pdf

    became very concerned about those claims, but did not see the grievance as a whistleblower complaint ... that she was terminated in violation of the Colorado State Employee Protection Act (Whistleblower Act). ... employees, Felicia Bautista and Tobin Follenweider, pursuant to the Whistleblower Act; and attorney fees application/pdf attached to:2005 Initial Decisions

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  • non-disciplinary actions (such as layoffs and administrative discharges), discrimination charges, whistleblower ... for investigation of discrimination or a response to whistleblower claims. The Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) ...