Representing Yourself

IF YOU PLAN TO SELF REPRESENT, please review the following information in order to be better prepared to represent yourself in your appeal:

1)  Read the Consolidated Appeal/Dispute Form Instructions and complete the Consolidated Appeal/Dispute Form.  Be familiar with other required forms. Visit the Forms section on the HOME page.

2)  Review the Board Rules, especially Chapter 8 "Dispute Resolution" and any rules or director's procedures that apply to your appeal.  

3)  Study the following document: Representing Yourself at the State Personnel Board and the summary of the appeal process in Representing Yourself at Hearing

4)  You may ask Board staff procedural questions by calling 303-866-3300. Staff CANNOT provide legal advice.

5) Review prior cases which may be similar to yours in the section titled Annotations located on the drop down menu on the HOME page.

For information on free legal service or how to find an attorney, you can refer to the Colorado Bar Association at  The  Colorado Plaintiff Employment Lawyer's Association (PELA) has additional legal resources at  Click on "I am looking for a lawyer". You may also obtain assistance and information through Colorado WINS at


THE STATE PERSONNEL BOARD IS LOCATED AT 1525 Sherman Street, 4th Floor, Denver, Colorado 80203.