Mediation & Settlement

Board Rules require disputes to be resolved at the lowest level and as informally as possible.  All cases set for hearing are reviewed by Board staff, who will call or email the parties to offer settlement assistance or to schedule settlement conferences.  If one party requests a settlement conference, the other party must either attend and make a good faith effort to resolve the case or file a motion explaining why settlement efforts would be futile.  For information on the Board's settlement program or to request a settlement conference, please call 303-866-3300. 


The Department of Personnel and Administration conducts the State Employee Mediation Program (SEMP), which uses state employees who have received 40 hours or more of training in mediation techniques.  These trained mediators are used to help resolve conflicts in the state personnel system.  For information on SEMP or to request mediation, please call 303-866-4314.  Employees may also consult the Colorado State Employee Assistance Program (C-SEAP) at 303-866-4314.