Initial Decisions Issued Fiscal Year 2017-2018

2017B045-  Kelly Pickering v. Department of Public Safety (9/3/2017)

2016B075-  Laura Saurini v. Department of Corrections, Office of Clinical & Correctional Services, Division of Clinical Services (9/25/17)

2017B016-  Vicki Armstrong v. Department of Human Services, Office of Children, Youth & Families, Division of Youth Corrections, Adams Youth Services Center (10/2/17)

2016B021-  Damian Macias v. University of Northern Colorado (11/9/17)

2016B036-  Christina Labazetta v. Department of Corrections, Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility (12/28/17)

2018B004-   Michael Dodson v. University of Colorado Boulder, University of Colorado Police Department (1/19/18)

2017B053-Richard D. Helmick v. Department of Transportation (1/31/18)

2017B070-Yi Yu v. Department of Public Safety (2/22/18)

2016G011(C)-Barbara Bloem v. Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (3/9/18)

2017B078-   Cassandra Singleton v. Department of Corrections (3/29/18)