PLEASE NOTE:  Forms may NOT be edited or modified in any manner. 


To file an appeal or a petition for hearing, fill out the Consolidated Appeal/Dispute form following the Instructions for filling out the form.  

The appeal form is fillable and printable.  Be sure to consult the checklist for filing appeals to make sure your appeal is complete.  


If you wish to file a whistleblower complaint, fill out the Whistleblower Complaint form and file it with your appeal.

To file a grievance (if your agency does not have its own grievance form), you may use the Board's grievance form which is fillable. You must submit the grievance form to your appropriate supervisor. The Board does not review initial grievances, only appeals of the final grievance decision of the agency.

If you do not have an attorney during the discretionary hearing process, you should use the information sheet provided on this site.  Details regarding information sheets are in Board Rule 8-45. Similarly, if you do not have an attorney and are required to file a prehearing statement, you should use the prehearing statement form provided on this site. Details regarding prehearing statements are in Board Rule 8-54. Be sure to file the original information sheet or prehearing statement with the State Personnel Board.

For information about Subpoenas and to obtain a form for your subpoenas, use the Board's subpoena form.  Be sure to follow Board Rule 8-59.


THE STATE PERSONNEL BOARD IS LOCATED AT 1525 Sherman Street, 4th Floor, Denver, Colorado 80203.