About Us

The State Personnel Board makes rules governing the state personnel system and hears appeals by applicants and employees in the state personnel system.  The Board's mission is: to resolve disputes involving state employees and agencies in a manner that is fair, efficient, and understandable for all parties; to establish policies and rules that protect and recognize merit as the basis for state employment while balancing management's need for discretion and flexibility; and to provide guidance in achieving and maintaining a sound, comprehensive, and uniform system of human resource management through rules, decisions, communication, and training.

The Board Members are Vonda Hall, Nora Kelly, Michelle Palmquist, Neil Peck and Teresa Salerno.

The Board staff includes Dana Shea-Reid, Director; Administrative Law Judges Rick Dindinger,  Susan J. Tyburski; and Keith Shandalow; Andrea Woods, Senior Board Assistant and Jenney Reed, Board Assistant.

See flow chart for Board processes.

THE STATE PERSONNEL BOARD IS LOCATED AT 1525 Sherman Street, 4th Floor, Denver, Colorado 80203.