About Us

The State Personnel Board, an independent entity as designated by state Constitution, promulgates rules governing the state personnel system and reviews appeals by employees regarding any adverse action that affects an employee’s base pay, status, tenure or other rights to which an employee is entitled by law. The Board may also use its discretion to grant a hearing for actions that do not adversely affect pay, status or tenure and where the individual does not, otherwise, have a right to a hearing, appeal or review by law or rule.

The State Personnel Board consists of five members, two of which are elected by certified state employees and three who are appointed by the Governor. Board members serve three-year, overlapping terms and may succeed themselves only once for a second term. 

Current Board Members are Vonda Hall, Nora Kelly Maurie Knaizer, Michelle Palmquist and Neil Peck. Ms. Hall and Ms. Kelly were elected to the Board by certified State employees and both are serving their second elective term. Mr. Peck, Ms. Palmquist and Mr. Knaizer were appointed to the Board by the Governor. Mr. Peck and Ms. Palmquist were both re-appointed by the Governor and are serving their second terms on the Board. Mr. Peck was elected to serve as Board Chair for FY 2018-19 and Ms. Palmquist was elected to serve as Vice-Chair for FY 2018-19. 

The Board staff includes the Director, Dana Shea-Reid; Administrative Law Judges  Susan J. Tyburski, Keith A. Shandalow and F.J. "Rick" Dindinger;  Andrea Woods, Senior Board Assistant and Anthony Fiedler, Board Assistant. 

Assistant Attorney General Amy Lopez serves as Board Counsel.

See flow chart for Board processes. 

THE STATE PERSONNEL BOARD IS LOCATED AT 1525 Sherman Street, 4th Floor, Denver, Colorado 80203.