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Commute + Park

Free Parking

Lawson intercept lot
6 a.m. to midnight


No camping or overnight parking. This is strictly enforced.
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The lawson intercept Lot:

  • Is a stop for SMART regional Lawson Hill Park & Ride, including the Lawson Hill Galloping Goose to Telluride.
  • Is a stop for CDOT's daily Bustang-Outrider Lawson Hill Park & Ride between Durango and Grand Junction.
  • Provides two electric vehicle charging station (with more to come).
  • Has approximately 120 parking spaces.
  • Offers bicycle parking.
  • Provides restrooms.
  • Provides convenient access to regional bicycling and walking trails, including the bike path to Telluride and the Galloping Goose Trail towards Lizard Head Pass.