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State and local government entities across the State of Colorado can now benefit from Verizon’s enterprise-class cloud computing and data center solutions.   Verizon is collaborating with the Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA) to deliver these services to state and local government entities and educational institutions throughout the state.
Under the SIPA-Verizon agreement, SIPA will resell Verizon’s cloud computing and data center services, enabling Colorado government entities to scale services quickly, efficiently, and securely, as well as improve their business continuity and disaster recovery operations.  SIPA selected Verizon due in large part to its market position, high security standards, and ability to quickly scale large IT environments.

Verizon Cloud
The following Verizon services will be available to government and education organizations across the State of Colorado.
Enterprise Cloud: A managed computing platform that combines the power and flexibility of infrastructure-as-a-service with the expertise, security and availability that large organizations with mission-critical computing needs require.  Verizon offers public, private and hybrid cloud computing solutions.
Managed Hosting: Housed in environments that provide high levels of physical security, power, environmental and control systems, Verizon’s managed hosting services offer the flexibility to meet varying compute demands of high performance applications, and eliminate the problem of underutilized, over engineered, and rapidly aging dedicated servers.
Colocation: Scalable service that offers the ability to upgrade space and connectivity as requirements evolve, while helping to reduce capital costs and control operational expenses required to house and protect mission-critical applications and systems. Several Verizon data centers across the U.S. feature carrier-neutral options.

Verizon designs, builds and operates the networks, information systems, and mobile technologies that help businesses and government agencies expand reach, increase agility, and maintain longevity. Powered by investments in security, data centers, 4G LTE, cloud computing, and global IP networking, our portfolio of solutions effortlessly meets the demands and challenges shaping technology and government operations today. Visit the Verizon Public Sector web site for more information. 
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