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Thank you to everyone who attended this years User Conference to help make SIPA’s event a great success!

Miss a presentation you wanted to see?  Below you will find presentations and/or videos from all sessions.

2017 Sessions & Presentations

Security &
Welcome by Jack Arrowsmith, SIPA, & Opening Remarks by Ann TerrySpecial District Association (SDA)
Luncheon Keynote:  Irv Halter, Executive Director, Department of Local Affairs (DOLA)


Welcome & Opening Remarks: Jack Arrowsmith, Executive Director, Statewide Internet Portal Authority - Bio, Ann Terry, Executive Director, Special Districts Association (SDA) - Bio - Presentation PDFPresentation Video


Luncheon Keynote: Irv Halter, Executive Director at the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA). Mr. Halter is a 32-year veteran of the United States Air Force where he was a combat veteran fighter pilot and rose to the rank of Major General. Executive Director Halter will talk about local government opportunities and challenges in the context of the conference themes: cybersecurity and compliance, citizen engagement and digital transformation. - Bio - Presentation Video




Should we be Afraid of the Russians? A Case Study in Collaboration from the 2016 Elections
City & County of Denver
Presenter: Stephen Coury, CISO, City and County of Denver - Presenter Bio 
Description: In this presentation you will learn how The City and County of Denver collaborated with Colorado's Secretary of State and other state and federal agencies to come together to defend the election process long before there was any talk about the Russkies crashing the party. This presentation is well-suited to a non-technical audience; however, some innovative uses of technology will be explained. | Presentation PDF

Panel Discussion: Cybersecurity Risks & Issues
Presenters: Deborah Blyth, CISO, Office of Information Technology, Andrew Dolan, Director of Stakeholder Engagement, Center for Internet Security, Trevor Timmons, CIO, Secretary of State Office, and Stephen Coury, CISO, City and County of Denver - Presenter Bios
Moderator: Mike Whatley, CTO, SIPA
​Discussion: Cyber Security Panel Discussion: Where to go from here? A variety of questions and topics will be addressed. | No Presentation Available

What's the Cyber Alert Level? Multi-State Information Sharing & Analysis Center (MS-ISAC)

Center for Internet Security
Presenter: Andrew Dolan, Director of Stakeholder Engagement, Center for Internet Security - Presenter Bio
​Description: Cybersecurity has emerged as one of the most important issues facing public and private organizations today. The worldwide reach of the Internet means that cyber threats can come from criminals both in the United States and from foreign countries. In this session, Andrew Dolan will speak about emerging cyber threats to the government sector and the steps we can take to minimize and mitigate these threats. | Presentation PDF - Coming Soon!
Secure Colorado Update: Colorado's Security Strategy
Colorado Office of Information Technology
Presenter: Deborah Blyth, CISO, Office of Information Technology - Presenter Bio
​Description: A status update of the Secure Colorado program by Deborah Blyth, OIT. | Presentation PDF
Case Study: Larimer County
Larimer County
Presenters: Mark Olson, Infrastructure & Support Services Director and Tom Iwanski, Security and Operations Team Lead - Presenter Bios
​Description: In July of 2016, Larimer County experienced a confluence of events that indicated a cyber attack was underway. Established procedures for dealing with such an event were only nominally in place, and the situation was looking more serious with every passing hour. The Larimer County IT staff made a series of decisions to contain the perceived threat and protect County assets. In this presentation, Mark Olson and Tom Iwanski will review the timeline of events, the actions taken, and the many lessons learned from this event. | Presentation PDF
Funding in Colorado: How we solve state and local government challenges
Office of State Planning & Budgeting
Presenter: Henry Sobanet, Director of the Office of State Planning & Budgeting - Presenter Bio
​Description: Henry will discuss the current Colorado State Budget and how it will affect both State and Local Governments. | Presentation PDF
Panel Discussion: Citizen Engagement
Presenters: Jeff Mihelich, Deputy City Manager, City of Fort Collins, Stan Martin, County Clerk, Adams County, Andrew Cole, Program Manager, Secretary of State Office-GoCode Program - Presenter Bios
Moderator: Greg Rippy
​Discussion: How does Government Engage Citizens? | No Presentation Available
Public Engagement: Participation to Collaboration
City of Fort Collins
Presenter: Jeff Mihelich, Deputy City Manager, City of Fort Collins - Presenter Bio
Description: The City of Fort Collins sees public input and collaboration as an integral part of progress. Through a mix of partnerships, technology and grassroots efforts, Jeff Mihelich explains how the city strives to collaborate. | Presentation PDF
Economic Development and GIS in Pueblo County
Pueblo County
Presenter: Chris Markuson, Director, Department of Economic Development & Geographic Information Systems, Pueblo County - Presenter Bio
​Description: For decades following the exodus of its mainstay steel industry, Pueblo County has suffered from high rates of unemployment, low wages and disproportionate tax revenue/expenditure needs. To correct these systemic problems, County Commissioners consolidated the County’s economic development office duties with its highly-regarded outside-the-box-thinking Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department. Since combining in 2012, the office elevated the County’s job creation efforts to a new level. Doing detailed GIS analyses and individual data-driven consultations with established local businesses, the department created over 1,500 new jobs, grew the community’s wage base by $122 Million, and spurred over $325 Million in new capital investments. Chris Markuson describes the process and theory behind the County’s successful endeavor. | Presentation PDF
How Accessible Are You? Technology Barriers for Individuals with Disabilities
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE)
Presenters: Christine McGroarty, Budget Manager Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment; Jim Pilkington, Assistive Technology Specialist, Colorado Department of Vocational Rehabilitation  - Presenter Bios
Description: In the next 15 years, it is estimated that over 24 million Americans will have a serious visual disability.  Is your web site and content accessible to this population? This presentation explains the meaning of technology accessibility for people with disabilities and why accessibility is essential for individuals, governments, and other entities that serve the public. The presentation provides a brief overview of legal requirements and suggests options for ensuring that all people have full access to the information, services, and employment made possible through technology. | Presentation PDF
SIPA & Colorado Interactive
Presenters: Jack Arrowsmith, Executive Director, SIPA and Fred Sargeson, General Manager, Colorado Interactive - Presenter Bios
​Description: Learn about an upcoming portal offering in Civic engagement. A  mobile app that allows citizens to seamlessly interact with government. Citizens create a personal profile to receive the information that want and perform a variety of transactions. Gov2Go is a personal digital assistant to interact with government. | Presentation PDF
Case Study: Marketing Cloud
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Presenters: Jodi Sager and Joel Brook from Salesforce and Jenny Schiavone, CMO, City and County of Denver - Presenter Bios
​Description: Learn how the City and County of Denver is transforming their marketing and digital outreach to citizens through targeted communication. The Power of Social Engagement, all driven by data and analytics. Hear Public Sector customer marketing use cases, successes, trends and strategies from an industry expert. | Presentation PDF 
Case Study: State of Colorado + Google
Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology
Presenter: Brandon Williams, Digital Transformation Officer, Office of Information Technology - Presenter Bio
​Description: $12 million. That isn't what the State pays for Google, that is what we've demonstrated in cost avoidance over the last 4 years after migrating to the Google Platform, several times over what it actually costs -- and that number is only going growing.  With 14.7 million docs in Drive, 720 sites and a slew of new development in Google Cloud Platform, the system we originally sought to consolidate email and calendar services has transformed the way in which we do business.  It has enabled us to launch 2FA, to manage mobile devices, to establishing single sign on and so much more beyond its original intent.  Come find out how the tool - and the cultural change ride we're on - is transforming "how" the state does its work. | Presentation PDF
Update: Legalized Marijuana in Colorado
Colorado Department of Revenue
Presenter: Barbara Brohl, Executive Director, Colorado Department of Revenue - Presenter Bio
​Description: Learn about the key regulatory controls, challenges, taxes, medical vs. recreational, enforcements and metrics associated with the marijuna industry in Colorado. | Presentation PDF

Case Study: What's your return on investment with DocuSign
Presenters: Bruce Zimmerman, Sr. Enterprise Account Executive, DocuSign - Presenter Bio
​Description: In this session DocuSign will review the direct and indirect costs associated with securing “wet”signatures and the expected Return on Investment available through the deployment of DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management solutions. | Presentation PDF
Panel Discussion: Digital Transformation
City & County of Denver, City and County of Broomfield, City of Montrose 
Presenters: Brandon Williams, Digital Transformation Officer, Office of Information Technology, Ernesto Chavez, Information Technology Director, City & County of Broomfield, Jeff Scheetz, Director of Information Systems, City of Montrose - Presenter Bios
​Moderator: David Bessen, Arapahoe County
​Description: Digital Transformation can mean different things to different organizations. Hear how each of these organizations have moved toward a digital environment over the last couple of years. | No Presentation Available

Case Study: How Communities Are Implementing a Shared Services Model
City of Montrose
Presenter: Jeff Scheetz, Director of Information Systems - Presenter Bio
​Description: The City of Montrose Information Technology Department has expanded their scope of services to provide a full range of IT services to neighboring communities and organizations. Beginning in 2011, the City of Montrose began working with local organizations to help reduce costs and supplement City income. Now in 2017, we are providing services to 6 additional organizations totaling over 60% outside users. | Presentation PDF
Case Study: Why CRM is Good for Government
Antero CRM
Presenter: Shari Leigh, Executive Vice President and Krista Erickson, CEO - Presenter Bios
​Description: Why CRM is Good for Government: Years ago, CRM was a sales tool. Today, CRM is a platform of powerful products which can help organizations manage and maintain a vast array of functionality and data without the need for IT to be involved. From judicial management to constituent management and from sales tax collection to 311, CRM can be an asset. We will explore different use cases for CRM in government and how they can of benefit to you. | Presentation PDF
Case Study: Close the Gap With Content Management
Kofax (Formerly Lexmark enterprise software)
Presenters: Sarah Nelson, Colorado Department of Human Service (CDHS), Jennifer Olson, Sr Account Executive, Kofax - Presenter Bios
​Description: The Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) implemented a workflow solution for procurement, contracts and personnel actions.  With over 5,000 employees working in hundreds of buildings across the state, being able to submit, review and approve items remotely has resulted in filling positions 11 days faster and processing contracts 14 days faster. | Presentation PDF

Case Study: "Powered by Users" - Practicing Continuous Improvement in Drupal CMS
Colorado Interactive –
Presenter: Jeremiah Wathen, Lead Project Manager, Colorado Interactive, Kristina Harrison, Associate Project Manager, Colorado Interactive - Presenter Bios
Description: In 2013, launched the Pacific Platform, offering Drupal-powered websites to Colorado State Entities of all sizes at no cost. Since then, we've delivered hundreds of product features, improvements and fixes in an effort to continuously improve the Pacific website experience.  But all of this was only possible because of the input from our users.  This session will tell the unprecedented story of the cross-agency Pacific Power Users Group: why it came about, what we’ve done and how we will work together to make our technology even better going forward. | Presentation PDF

Case Study: SIPA/CI Payment Processing, PCI Compliance and TPE Reporting
Colorado Interactive –
Presenters: Julia Rosetti, Portal Accounting Manager & Kate Polesovsky, Director of IT Operations, Colorado Interactive - Presenter Bios
​Description: Payment processing is a core service provided by SIPA/CI at no cost to the government entity. This presentation will discuss the types of payment processing services that are available (stand-alone or integrated with a 3rd party system); how these services comply with PCI Data Security Standards (DSS) along with the roles and responsibilities of each party; and advanced reporting capabilities through the Transaction Processing Engine (TPE). | Presentation PDF

Case Study: SIPA/CI E-commerce
Colorado Interactive (CI) and Colorado State University (CSU)
Presenters: Jonathan Miller and Jessica Thompson, CI and Joshua Stolz, CSU - Presenter Bios
​Description: Colorado Interactive, in collaboration with Colorado State University, is working to create a shopping cart service. CI's Jon Miller & Jessica Thompson, with CSU's Forest Service, will discuss how this solution will transform their field and sales operations from a paper process to online with a mobile application. | Presentation PDF
Case Study: Develop, Manage and Deploy GIS
InVision GIS
Presenter: Jill Fisher, InVision GIS - Presenter Bio
Description: Jill Fischer, Owner of InVision GIS, LLC, will demonstrate how Estes Park Water Utilities have developed, managed and deployed GIS as a backbone for many business processes. This session will include information on desktop mapping, field data collection, mobile/web mapping, asset management and work order management integrated with GIS. | Presentation PDF

Ask About: CMS, PayPort, Event Reg, TPE Reporting
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