User Conference Agenda 2019

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SIPA User Conference
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Chelsie Bright, Qualtrics
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Sylvain Mansotte, CEO & Co-Founder of Whispli

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Plenary Sessions

Welcome: Jack Arrowsmith, Executive Director, Colorado SIPA
Opening Keynote: Chelsie Bright, Qualtrics
At a time when government services are increasing, trust and confidence in government is decreasing. Trust can only be regained when citizen’s experiences with government meets their expectations. Technology makes it possible for governments to build a future where feedback from customers and employees is used to create experiences that work for everyone. Learn how governments around the country are improving the citizen experiences to increase engagement, drive innovation, and improve trust in government.
Luncheon Keynote: Sylvain Mansotte, Whispli
As a Whistleblower and now CEO and Co-Founder of premier whistleblower organization, Whispli, Sylvain Mansotte discusses the importance of courageous conversation in the public sector workplace. Courageous Conversation promotes transparency and accountability and is the new hot topic in the world of whistle-blowing. Recent events have highlighted the importance of whistleblowing and the process that follows for a fair and accurate investigation. Being a whistleblower of a large organization himself, Sylvain understands the complexity of trying to bring what's right to life, and through his story, we can learn a little bit about the importance of safe, accountable, and secure courageous conversation in the workplace and how to encourage it.
Closing Keynote: Theresa Szczurek Ph.D., State CIO and Executive Director, Governor's Office of Information Technology
It’s a new administration and the state has a new Chief Information Officer. What does that mean for state agencies and other stakeholders?  How does this re-energize OIT’s partnership with SIPA? Dr. Szczurek is a dynamic speaker and the leader of the Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT). This last session of the day will be chock-full of information about OIT’s partnership with SIPA, its focus on customer delight, and the different ways OIT delivers value and more. As a bonus, you will learn how the 4 P Process and a Sunflower can make a good life, a great life. Intrigued by what that means? If you want to get the inside scoop, be sure to attend this session!
Technology Track
Blockchain 101 - What You Need to Know: Brendan Abbott - Deloitte
Blockchain is a term with an incredible amount of hype these days. At a core, a blockchain is a record, or ledger, of digital events. It is “distributed” between many different parties and only updated by consensus of the participants in the system. Once information is recorded to the blockchain, the information can never be changed as the blockchain contains a certain and verifiable record of every single transaction ever recorded. Companies and governments are investigating blockchain to gain efficiency, build trust, and solve complex problems.
Digital Transformation Strategy: Brandon Williams - Eagle County
In early 2019, Eagle County adopted its first-ever 3 year transformation plan, establishing ambitious targets for user experience, digital service transformation and public engagement. From re-imagining internal communications and services, to aligning external services and delivering a customized online resident experience, Eagle County is bringing together comms, IT, program staff and an in-house innovation team to develop a holistic vision and plan of how today's local government should be in terms of being accessible, timely, intuitive, easy and fun.
CDOT: Whats Next for CO?: Lisa StreisfeldCDOT
Take a look at Colorado’s future with CDOT’s top transportation innovator, Lisa Streisfeld. Two ballot measures were voted down in 2018 to pump funding into Colorado’s congested and cracking transportation system leaving the state to search for a new source of revenue for highways and transit. Additionally, a Governor signed executive order tasks CDOT to develop an electric vehicle policy and plan designed to assure that state transportation investments and programs support widespread transportation electrification. What challenges and opportunities are facing the state? Lisa will get us up to speed on current transportation initiatives around the state.
Enabling IoT with the Intelligent Edge: Doug Standley, Blake Duhame, and Tom Young - niolabs
As the physical world is becoming connected, it won't be long before virtually every "thing" is generating overwhelming amounts of data. While the cloud will continue to be an integral part of any IoT solution, computing must be pushed out to the edge of the network to act on data as it's created and solve important problems that this digital era will create...latency, networking, data storage, and privacy among many others. During this presentation, you will discover why the existing cloud-centric paradigm must be reimagined to enable the promise of a truly connected world, how niolabs provides a simple platform to enable edge-to-cloud intelligent systems and real-life demonstrations of how agriculture and smart cities are currently being transformed using this new approach. 
Panels Track
Value Prop Rethinking ROI: Is it the Best Measure for IT?: Moderator: Scott Lingle - Eagle County and CGAIT President, Chris Neves - City of Louisville, Jim Belknap - City of Alamosa, Andy Atencio - Greenwood Village, & Ed Martinez - Pueblo County
Listen to public sector CIOs discuss what Return on Investment (ROI) means to them, and how Public Sector may benefit more from Value on Investment (VOI) being the key metric.
Community Engagement: Moderator: Natriece Bryant - DOLA, Scott Robinson - Mountain Recreation Metro District, Stacie Oulton - City of Lakewood, Kate Rusch - Town of Estes Park
Newsletters, newspapers, social media, websites, phone town halls, video streaming... no matter how you are sharing information and asking your residents to connect with your government there will be drawbacks, hesitations, best practices, small and big wins, learning, and compromising. Still, the goal remains, to effectively communicate with your residents and keep them informed in a way they trust. Join our 4 great communications professionals from Colorado state and local government to learn a little bit about how they are setting up efficient, adoptable, informative and flexible forms of communication that every member of their community can use and trust.
Cyber Security: Moderator: Ben Edelen - City of Boulder, Rich Schliep - SOS, Rob Rudloff - Rubin Brown 
This panel will be moderated by Ben Edelen, CISO with the City of Boulder and will provide technical information concerning penetration testing. Rob Rudloff, Cyber Security Practice Director at Rubin Brown will provide technical insight on what and how penetration testing is done. Rich Schliep, Chief Technology Officer at the SOS will discuss how penetration testing improved security for critical business systems at the SOS.
Broadband, Government Owned: Moderator: Greg Winkler - DOLA, Virgil Turner - City of Montrose, Jordan Beezley - Broadband Fund, Jon Stavney - Northwest Council of Governments 
Greg Winkler, Regional Manager for the Department of Local Affairs will moderate a panel discussing broadband implementation options for local governments. Jordan Beezley, Director of the Broadband Deployment Board will discuss funding options through the Board. Jon Stavney, Executive Director of the Northwest Council of Governments will discuss specific case examples of cities and towns in northwest Colorado funding and implementing broadband implementation. Virgil Turner, Director of Innovation and Citizen Engagement will provide specific information regarding how Montrose has implemented broadband and its economic development and shared services impact to the region. Portal Track
SIPA Overview & Free Portal Services: Jack Arrowsmith - SIPA & Marty Hartley - Colorado Interactive
Does your organization have questions or concerns about electronic payments, effective websites, or creating online applications? If so, you should plan to attend this workshop. Members of the SIPA and Colorado Interactive team will be on hand to explain these no-cost solutions.
Payment Processing & PCI ComplianceSarah McGovern - Colorado Interactive, Riley Dyer - Colorado Interactive
Colorado Interactive/SIPA provides a number of different processing solutions to meet your needs, from online, to over-the-counter, to mobile applications systems. In 2018, over $1.5 billion was processed for Colorado governments. This session will provide an overview of each of the offered solutions, how they might benefit your organization and an update on fee transparency and EMV card readers.
Online Forms and Rapid Application DevelopmentLindsey Witcher - Colorado Interactive
Change your paper forms into online forms! Hear about the features and see a demo for this free offering. The form can be easily integrated onto your website and has the ability to integrate payment processing and accept attachments. There no-cost to setup, it provides security data management and flexible reporting.  
Drupal 8 - New Platform Coming Soon: Ashley Turner - Colorado Interactive
We are gearing up for our biggest release yet: an entirely new Platform built on Drupal 8! The Colorado Interactive Team is building this new product from the ground-up. Join us to learn about new features, see the release road map, and get answers about what Drupal 8 can do for you.
Partner Spotlights
Greenwood Village & GovQAJennifer Snyder - GovQA and Susan Ortiz - Greenwood Village
The GovQA Exchange Platform transformed Greenwood Village’s process for handling CORA requests. GovQA is the Nation’s #1 provider of public records and enterprise workflow solutions for Government. The GovQA SaaS Exchange Platform enables the Nation’s top cities, counties, and state agencies to securely collect and control time sensitive information within, across, and outside Governments. Susan Ortiz, City Clerk/Information Management Services, along with Jennifer Snyder and Mark Corona from GovQA, will walk you through this partnership.
City of Brighton & Tempus NovaLisa Kabat - Tempus Nova and David Guo - City of Brighton
City of Brighton's IT Director, David Guo will walk you through the decision making process to move from an on-prem environment to Google's G Suite cloud based platform for the City for the purpose of the next generation of workforce and effortless internal collaboration and creativity. David and Lisa, G Suite integrator with Tempus Nova, will talk about the transition and training that goes into a smooth transition for all stakeholders to make the G Suite application more efficient and secure for governments.
CCPO & REVISIONCathy Westbury - Revision and Jordan Steffen - CCPO
Colorado Child Protection Ombudsman (CCPO) partnered with REVISION Inc. to help transform their operations by replacing their legacy, case management line of business application with a fully customized Salesforce implementation, that accommodates the growing demand for their services. This session will provide insight into how CCPO was able to leverage the power of Salesforce to modernize their operations, providing them with greater functionality and utility – in a short period of time with a limited budget.
City of Englewood & MUNIRevs: Haleigh Lyon - MUNIRevs, Kyra Rosenkrance - MUNIRevs, & Heather Driscoll - City of Englewood
Join us in this session to see how the City of Englewood partnered with MUNIRevs, a secure, cloud‐based tax collection and licensing system. MUNIRevs automates municipalities’ and business’ workflow through a unique paperless system that helps jurisdictions more efficiently collect taxes and process licenses. Also, hear about LODGINGRevs, a vacation rental compliance monitoring solution.