Board of Directors

Board of directors meetingPursuant to C.R.S. 24-37.7-102 the Authority is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors which include the following members: The Secretary of State (or his or her deputy); a representative from the Office of the Governor and three Executive Directors of principal agencies of the state all appointed by the Governor, three members from the private sector and one member of local government all appointed by the Governor with consent of the Senate; one Senator appointed by the President of the Senate, and one Representative appointed by the Speaker of the House; one member of the Judicial Department of the State appointed by the Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court; and the State Chief Information Officer of the Governor’s Office of Information Technology.

Meet the Current Board of Directors

Board Meeting Minutes


At its discretion, the Board of Directors can establish various committees to perform necessary research, policy development, or other functions important to the Board. Committee membership is open to all members of the Board, including nonvoting members, the Executive Director, and the Counsel for the Authority.  Board of directors meeting
The Authority has three active committees:
Business & Technology Committee
Finance & Contracts Committee
Personnel Committee