Mission, Vision, Goals

We improve the quality of life in Colorado by connecting the public to efficient services through technology, enabling governments to focus on their core missions.

MISSIONWelcome to Colorful Colorado

The mission of the Statewide Internet Portal Authority is to provide efficient and effective services for citizens through the use of modern business practices and innovative technology solutions.
The vision of the Authority is to transform Colorado government service delivery through the use of technology, allowing a single point of contact for members of the public to access state and local government information, products, and services.
Under the leadership and guidance of the executive director and board of directors, the goals of the Authority are:
  • To continue development of a statewide internet portal that provides a single access point to information, products, and services of state and local government to give members of the public an effective and efficient way to transact business
  • To increase the number of applications developed, integrated, and made publically available on the Portal by government entities
  • To continue the micro-grant program for government entities to accelerate adoption of online services for their constituents
  • To increase the number of eligible government entities that use the services provided by the Authority through promotion and education
  • To explore and expand the type of products, services and solutions offered to governmental entities through the Authority