Micro-Grant Updates

Micro-Grant Check-In

The Micro-Grant program is on the verge of having awarded nearly $1 million dollars to state and local governments across Colorado. Take a minute to read about past Micro-Grant projects. 
DurangoGov TV: Micro-Grant Update, Awarded April 2018
DurangoGov TV (DGOV) is an online communication channel created to keep residents and visitors to Durango and surrounding counties, such as La Plata, Montezuma, and Dolores, informed and up-to-date. The channel has a variety of offerings - everything from council meetings to economic development to interviews with government employees to community events. The award helped improved the reach, accessibility, and sustainability of DGOV. The City of Durango's use of the Micro-Grant epitomizes SIPA's mission to assist governments in putting more information and services online.The City of Durango
Mitchell Carter, Public Information Specialist for the City of Durango, said that the DGOV team was encouraged by other departments in the city to apply for a grant and that "the process was straightforward. The questions really made us think about how we should spend the money if we were to receive it." Carter went on to say, "During the 416 fire, we saw a significant spike in online viewership.” Having made community information awareness, safety, and engagement the top priorities this year, the DGOV team’s dedication to informing the public has paid off.
Effectively and efficiently connecting with residents is an important initiative for any municipality. Carter mentioned that DGOV is always working towards the newest technology and adapting to change to diminish outage time and increase awareness of local emergencies. "Today, it takes a multi-faceted approach to communicate effectively with your community," Cater says, "you cannot have 'all your eggs in one basket.'"  
It is for their dynamic approach to community engagement that the City of Durango has been named a finalist for the 2018, "Best Use of Social Media" award from the National Association of Telecommunication Officers and Advisors (NATOA). Being named a finalist is an awesome shout-out from the national community on a job well done, and Mitchell Carter seems aptly excited. “We take pride in the fact that a small, local government, such as Durango, can stand out from the crowd and be recognized nationally. We strive for a consistent message across our social media accounts, our website, on DGOV, and the one-on-one conversations while we are out in the public. It is important for the citizens to know how their local government functions, and what services are provided by their tax dollars.” Find more information about the City of Durango here.