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Collections Management and Registration Department at History Colorado: Micro-Grant Update, Awarded April 2018
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Bethany Williams, Collections Manager, History Colorado
Veronica Rascona, Intern
Heather Christenbury, Intern
Archaeology Pieces 2
Heather and Veronica @ History ColoradoHistory Colorado houses thousands of archaeological artifacts from over 20 different historic sites including houses, stage stations, and fortified strongholds across the state of Colorado. The artifacts provide insight into life during the early settlement period of the state. In 2017, the Collections Department at History Colorado was awarded a grant by the Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA) to increase digital access to the museum’s historical archaeology collections via the collections portal (h-co.org/collections).
Based on the needs of the museum, the historical archaeology collection was chosen as the focal point of this project because the information about the collection was only available as handwritten records, making them virtually inaccessible. The primary project goal was to establish digital access to the information and artifacts related to these historic sites for the public, staff, and researchers. The grant funded internships for two Collections Specialists, Heather Christenbury and Veronica Rascona, to carry out the project over the summer of 2018.
Historical Archaeology Rows
The project began by generating searchable artifact inventories, site summaries, and database records for the History Colorado collections database and the Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation database. This data was added to the online collection portal, granting the public and researchers from around the globe digital access to information about the artifacts.
During the project, representative artifacts were photographed for the first time, storage locations were documented, and inventory discrepancies were resolved. This collective information was then added to the History Colorado collections database resulting in more comprehensive and functional records. The newly digitized material improves the museum’s ability to track locations and object conditions as well as better reflect an accurate inventory of the artifacts.Archeology Pieces
The funding awarded by SIPA allowed for the digitization of over 325 records of historical archaeological material representing more than 10,500 artifacts. Database cleanup during the project led to an additional 5,000 archaeology records becoming discoverable online via the portal. Results of the SIPA sponsored project can be viewed in the History Colorado online collections portal at h-co.org/collections or read about it from the blog on the History Colorado website here
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