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Micro-Grant Check-In
The Micro-Grant program is on the verge of having awarded nearly $1 million dollars to state and local governments across Colorado. Take a minute to read about past Micro-Grant projects.
The Westminster Public Library, recipient of a 2017 Micro-Grant, Micro-Grant Success
        Thanks to the Westminster Public Library, anyone can now view issues of the Westminster Journal from 1947-1964. A recipient of a 2017 Micro-Grant, the Westminster Public Library worked hard to digitize over 850 issues of the journal, beginning with its first, and since the journals launch on December 10th, 2018, the site has received more than 282 page views. The library was excited to partner with Colorado Historic Newspapers, the Colorado State Library, and the Westminster Window Newspaper and was drawn to digitization with the help of the SIPA Micro-Grant because the library aims to provide locally relevant information that cannot be found anywhere else to residents of Colorado and the world.
        “The SIPA Micro-Grant was wonderful and the timing for it was excellent because it created a very sustainable project for us to be working on, and continue to work on," said Jackie Kuusinen, the library's Public Services Coordinator. "We are so grateful for the partnership with SIPA to tackle such a meaningful project.” After speaking with Jackie, it is evident how partnerships really create the atmosphere of learning and networking for the library. “Partnerships take time but they are a great way to maximize your resources. We are committed to maintaining and building partnerships. Our community are our partners and we serve them,” adds Kuusinen. The main reason that the Westminster Public Library chose this digitization project is because it was a way to give the community a more user-friendly, efficient, and enjoyable experience with the journal rather than using the microfilm. That being said, anyone is still welcome to come to the library and physically scroll through the Westminster Journal for nostalgia's sake, but with the searchable and indexed digitized copies of the newspaper, you can do it from home.
        Part of the Westminster Journal being a valuable resource for the community and beyond includes two programs that the library hosts: the Genealogy Club and Colorful Colorado Cinema. Both of these programs use sources like the early published articles of the Westminster Journal for their events. Additionally, library staff hope to recruit volunteers from the Genealogy Club to play a large roll in the way that the Westminster Journal interacts with community members by correcting OCR (the optical character recognition) to correct the text. While using the resource, the Genealogy Club can also volunteer to make it more accurate. Garnering the support of volunteers of the club in this way is yet another example of how the Westminster Public Library focuses on building partnerships to enhance services.
        So what’s next for the Westminster Journal? “Over the coming months and years, we will be correcting any errors in the digitization language (it scans at about 85% accuracy), promoting the journal through various programs and outreach, and using Google Analytics to track its usage” said Kuusinen, adding, “The library hopes to have everything digitized at some point and will keep applying for grants to do so.“ Until then, the library has enjoyed seeing use of the digitization increase since it’s launch as well as assisting people in switching people from the microfilm to the easily navigable Colorado Historic Newspapers site where the Westminster Journal is hosted. The City of Westminster has shown a devotion to projects like these for community members, and when asked about the library-community partnership, Jackie Kuusinen responded, “We have such an engaged community, we are lucky. People love their libraries,” Judging by the commitment the Westminster Public Library has to its various community-focused projects, the library loves its people too.

Westminster Library Grant Committee:
Jackie Kuusinen (Public Services Coordinator), Lauren Cockerill (Children’s Librarian),
Kaela Delgado (Teen Librarian), Dianna Vann (Shelver)
Photo Credit: Xue Pritzkau
Upcoming related programs:
Genealogy: All About Land Records-CH
3/2/2019, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, College Hill Library, 2nd Floor, L-211
‘Give me land, lots of land’ was the theme song for most migrants coming to America. They were seeking land where they could be free, practice their own religion, and own land— something not possible in most European countries. Learn how to search for federal land sold to settlers and how to read deeds and locate records of their land purchases.
Age Group(s): Adults, Teens
Colorful Colorado Cinema
3/16/2019, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM, Westminster History Center, 7200 Lowell Blvd
View a free series of short films from “Colorado Experience,” a weekly history series produced by Rocky Mountain PBS. Library staff led discussion following the films.
Upcoming films:
  • Feb. 16: San Luis Valley and Cinema on the Plains
  • March 16: Gateway to the High Country and Colorado Coined
  • April 20: Ladies of the Mines and Pleasant Hill Bus Tragedy
Age Group(s): All ages
Questions? Call 303-658-2603.
More information, and to register click here: http://westminsterlibrary.evanced.info/signup/Calendar