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Inform and Empower Today’s Citizen 
While the internet has improved self-service in government, agencies still struggle to keep up with the volume of calls, emails and social media communications that are necessary to serve the citizenry. Today’s citizen can be empowered to check the status of applications, complete more online forms, reduce missed appointments, and receive alerts that are broadcast simultaneously to protect citizen safety.
Increase Efficiency and Accountability
Budget-constrained agencies are increasingly called upon to improve efficiency in both their contact center and back office. This is coupled with the desire to heighten accountability within the organization and with outsourcers. Genesys solutions allow you to actively manage work item distribution, route calls to personnel best suited to address issues, plan and train employees and gain greater visibility into the results of your outsourcers.
Deploy Technology with Ease, Speed and Scale
Genesys cloud platform allows municipalities and regions to rapidly implement a best-in-class solution for contact center, scale up and down when demand fluctuates, move a traditionally capital expenditure (CapEx) to an operating expenditure (OpEx) and grow your implementation .
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