EGE Agreement

handshakeTo procure services or apply for a micro-grant requires an Eligible Governmental Entity Agreement

Are you a governmental entity in Colorado needing technoology solutions? You've come to the right place!
To work with SIPA, it is necessary for each governmental organization to enter into an Eligible Governmental Entity Agreement. This cooperative agreement states that services can be provided. This lays the foundation for future projects with the Portal at the discretion of the entity.  This agreement is not a commitment to any funds or required services.  If services are desired, SIPA will provide applications and services in accordance with Task Orders, Statements of Work, Work Orders, or any agreed-upon documentation and will be mutually signed by SIPA and EGE.  

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Please fill out the EGE Agreement Form and send it to Or let us know if you'd like us to route this document to you for electronic signature. Please Connect With Us if you have further questions about the EGE or SIPA's process.  

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