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Custom App Gears

The Portal also provides custom application development. Governmental entities often have a need that cannot be satisfied by SIPA's enterprise solutions. In these circumstances, the Portal will partner with the established government entity to develop a new service or enhance existing web services to meet the existing government entity's needs.  Examples of custom solutions can be found below.

Examples of Applications through

Online Vehicle Registration Renewal
The Online Vehicle Registration Renewal service, from the Department of Revenue, allows citizens in participating counties to renew their eligible vehicle registration quickly and easily online. With this service, citizens are able to renew one or several vehicles in a single transaction using a credit card or electronic check.

Your personal government assistant with a no-cost set up for reminders and renewals. This app allows residents to interact with government and lowers the number of office appointments.


Colorado Interactive logo.pngSIPA , in partnership with Colorado Interactive, serves as the oversight body of the portal, the official state website. is the gateway to Colorado government and is intended to be Colorado's single most comprehensive delivery channel for electronic government  services.

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