Competitive Grant Application Review Process

FY18 Competitive Grant Application Process

2018-19 Colorado AmeriCorps State Grant - Competitive Request for Applications (RFA)

Serve Colorado is pleased to release the 2018-19 Colorado AmeriCorps State Grant Request for Applications (RFA) for Competitive funding, as well as the related application instructions, funding timeline, and additional resources needed by applicants. It is important to note that a Concept Paper is required to be eligible for this competition and is due by 5:00 p.m. (MT) on Friday, October 13, 2017. *  Please click here or copy and paste the following address in your URL: ( to submit a Concept Paper. Continuation applicants do not need to submit a Concept Paper. 


Please note that the Competitive grant process is for AmeriCorps State programs competing for funding at the national level. Serve Colorado will host a separate Formula grant process for programs competing for funding at the state level in the spring of 2018. Please check the Serve Colorado website for updates on the Formula grant process at the start of the 2018 calendar year.


Applicants interested in the Competitive grant process can find the pertinent application materials in the below section of this webpage. Questions about this funding opportunity may be directed to Tanesha Bell at or (303) 866-6426.

* Publication of this Notice does not obligate Serve Colorado/CNCS to award any specific number of grants nor to obligate the entire amount of funding available.

National Direct Consultation Forms

As the state agent for AmeriCorps State Programming, Serve Colorado reviews consultation forms from AmeriCorps National Direct Programs. Serve Colorado has opted into the ASC National Direct Consultation Online Form. Click here or copy and paste the following address in your URL: ( to access the form.

Questions about the National Direct Consultation process may be directed to Jamie Giacomini at or at (303) 866-6220.

Application Timeline

18-19 AC Competitive RFA Dates.png

Training and Technical Assistance

In an effort to prepare prospective applicants for submitting a strong AmeriCorps State Grant proposal, Serve Colorado will make offer live webinars and post the webinar recordings here on the Serve Colorado website. All webinar recordings will be posted on the Serve Colorado website within 24 hours after the scheduled presentation. If you are having trouble accessing any of the technical assistance the webinars, please contact Tanesha Bell right away at or (303) 866-6426.

  • AmeriCorps State RFA Overview Webinar (September 8, 2017 Recording)

All webinar sessions are intended for individuals who have read the 2018 Request for Applications (RFA) released by Serve Colorado, as well as the accompanying Mandatory Supplemental Guidance and Application Instructions, including Concept Paper, Performance Measures, and Budgets. Those interested in operating an AmeriCorps program utilizing a minimum of 20 AmeriCorps members and 10 Member Service Years (MSY), may find these documents here on the Serve Colorado website.

Additional Resources 

The 2018-19 Colorado AmeriCorps State Grant Request for Applications for Competitive funding and supporting documents are now available here.

Use these documents with Serve Colorado's published Colorado RFA.

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) has developed a webpage with resources for those interested in applying for AmeriCorps State and National grants. Please refer to Applying for AmeriCorps State and National Grants to find information on AmeriCorps.

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