Alpine Achievers Initiative

Agency: Mountain Valley School District / Alpine Achievers Initiative

Areas Served: San Luis Valley 

Program Description: Alpine Achievers Initiative is an organization founded by a former Saguache county teacher that seeks to provide San Luis Valley K-12 students with academic assistance, safe after-school activities, and opportunities to engage in outdoor pursuits. Through AAI, and with the service of AAI’s AmeriCorps members, San Luis Valley students have access to: small group and one-on-one tutoring in math and literacy; environmental education and wilderness excursion trips that may include rock climbing, hiking, and backpacking; and fun out-of-school programming throughout the week and during academic holidays.

Each year, Alpine Achievers Initiative hosts 20 AmeriCorps members ages 18 and above from around the United States to serve in the San Luis Valley. These members have the opportunity to make positive impacts in the San Luis Valley while living in a beautiful region of the United States that is full of awesome cultural and outdoorsy activities.

Program Impact:

  •  490 students participating in academic interventions will show academic gains in math and/or literacy achievement

  • 600 students engaged in intentional out of school programming

  • All K-5 students at the 5 elementary schools served have access to daily out of school programming, Friday programs, alternative break programs and summer programming that would otherwise not be available

Program Contact: Ryan Johns, 



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